Niantic reacts to issue involving seizure-inducing update in Pokemon GO’

Graphic depiction of the seizure-inducing effect with Pokemon GO's recent update

Following complaints over a health-concerning case with Pokemon GO’s latest update, Niantic gave its due response.

Pokemon GO has recently received an update that introduces both new features as well as bugs into the game. Although the former has been a welcome addition, the latter is much left to be desired, if at all. One most pressing issue of which involves a seizure-inducing glitch that was incorporated into the game following a tweak to its code.

For context, the error in question involves the game flashing a bright light whenever a player taps on a Pokemon. An issue that seems to have greater effect when lighting is at its most intense or during the dark. Many are the reports citing individuals suddenly feeling ill as a result, some of which going through epileptic episodes. The notion is corroborated by persons who are insensible to the lustrous white light who noticed its appearance while in-game.

One Concerned Individual

While word about the problem has easily spread across the internet, one sympathetic citizen decided to bring the issue directly to the developers. The sender, Redditor DexstarrRageCat, who is also a writer for, shared in the social media the response he got.

Niantic provides update on potential seizure-causing issues. from TheSilphRoad

Acknowledging the issue, Niantic spoke in brevity at how the glitch is actually taking place. That is, citing the drastic change with the “transition time between screens”. Consequently, the statement was followed with a promise of addressing the issue in the coming update this week.


Although Niantic’s timely response to the serious is both timely and praise-worthy, players need not have to wait for an official fix. As of writing, there is a circulating APK file that addresses the game’s issue. This means that anyone can sideload the application for the sole purpose of getting the benefit of the repair. The option is not without its risk, however, especially problems with malware when coming from the wrong source. The issue over security with the option, therefore, is truly note considering.

Players who find great concern in that regard can instead choose to wait for the official update. If the patch would be coming from the developers themselves, it would, at least, provide a peace of mind to those who take the matter seriously. As far as events go, though, there’s nothing to worry about as the next major occasion is still more than a week away.

Image used courtesy of MasterOfHyrule/YouTube Screenshot

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