Niantic reveals reality blending update in ‘Pokemon Go’ for next month

Niantic is adding a new AR feature to Pokemon Go called reality blending. This will make Pokemon appear more realistic in the game

Niantic Labs is adding reality blending, a new augmented reality feature, to the global hit game Pokemon Go next month. The update will make Pokemon look even more realistic.

The update will be added after the 7-hour global server maintenance on June 1, 2020. Aside from the usual bug fixes, the update will also continue to add more rare and legendary Pokemon to the mobile game.

These additions will go alongside the Community Day events which will focus on the Pokemon winners of the recent vote poll.

Introducing reality blending

According to the developers, reality blending will enhance the game’s augmented reality feature. Its main goal is to make the Pokemon appear more lifelike.

The developers based the new AR feature on occlusion. Occlusion is an AR component that allows mobile phones to sketch an environment and examine real objects.

The game’s reality blending will be first released on Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10.

Niantic first revealed the idea of occlusion about a few years ago in a demo featuring a life-sized Pikachu.

PokeStop Scanning

Additionally, Pokemon Go will soon have the ability to provide information to Niantic’s 3D mapping project. The project is called PokeStop Scanning and will allow players to share 3D maps of Gyms and PokeStops when walking near them.

The feature will record streams of images using a player’s phone. To address security issues, the feature will automatically censor people’s faces and other important information such as license plates.

Future AR additions

Furthermore, Niantic is already developing a pair of AR smartglasses with Qualcomm and has recently gained a reality mapping company called

This is great news for all Pokemon Go fans since these are proof that Niantic is planning to improve its AR tools for future products such as smart glasses.

Pokemon Go’s mobile experience has captured the hearts of players around the world. The game provides them the opportunity to live out their childhood dreams of being a Pokemon master.

The future of Pokemon Go

Introducing reality blending to the game will only boost its legitimacy and player experience. Same with all new features in any existing game, bugs are unavoidable.

Players will likely experience them and complain about them when the reality blending feature will be released.

Regardless, reality blending will be an interesting new feature that will probably increase Pokemon Go’s popularity even more.

Featured image courtesy of Kelopio/Youtube Screenshot

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