Niantic says that exciting things are in the works after ‘Pokemon Go’

Do we have to catch them all…again?

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful launches of Niantic so far. As the team has come down further with the experiments done with AR, the team has said that the players can now be assured of better titles and more productions in the coming future as exciting things are already in the works.

In a recent interview, the team has said that they are working towards a new plan with better objectives to get more or less experience than they have done from the previous ones.

There are exciting things in store for fans

The lead product manager for augmented reality at Niantic, Kiell Bronder, has said that they have described the company’s ambition to reach the multiplayer potential of all the mobile games first established by its launch trailer in 2016.

If people can take a glance at the original Pokemon Go trailer, then they will understand that the first launch had only a few features added to it since it was only an augmented game that could help all the players catch Pokemons by pointing their cameras on real life.

But right now, the team and the dedicated number of developers have worked throughout, and they have added a lot of stuff, but there is a ton of loopholes that still exist.

The launch of the new AR corporative by Niantic has been a huge hit

This coincides with the launch of Niantic’s new platform called Lightship, which aims to bring a host of new AR capabilities right to the market. This means that the developers suggest that Pokemon Go could be set for all the major updates later in the future.

In the recent interview conducted, Bronder has said and described the new functionalities that have made it possible for the technology to come a long way through.

It at times means them real-time mapping and semantic segmentation are a part of the robust multiplayer experience. The former aims to create a more accurate superimposition of all the virtual objects together onto the real world that can be made using smartphone cameras, essentially adding physics to virtual objects.

To better-augmented reality, objects have to act naturally or behave as you would expect, so real-time mapping allows the software to understand the environment better.

The developers are yet to launch some of the most ultimate works that are taking place, so they have asked all the fans to stay tuned.


Image courtesy of Niantic/YouTube

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