Niantic’s new 5G AR game demo looks like a futuristic ‘Pokemon Go’

Urban Legends is running a demo with the 5G partners, and they are aiming for the next futuristic 5G AR games!

A recent video that surfaced on YouTube showed a family enjoying their normal day in the park as they are blasting shots at creatures around them. It sounds like a typical match of Pokemon Go but in a more active state.

Niantic has their newly ruled out augmented reality 5G gaming demo app, which seems like a taste of what could be the world like AR glasses.

How is this game played?

Codename: Urban Legends is a multiplayer game, as you can see below. It can be played in groups all in one place and at the same time. Built-in the platform, it powers popular names such as IngressPokemon Go, and Harry Potter.

Codename: Urban Legends leverages the use of the 5G technology with ultra-low latency and high bandwidth capability that can deliver an immersive platform AR experience for all the players.

By teaming up, players can play against each other and have magic spells through which they can blast off monsters and rescue all the mythical allies, including Doty, the original Niantic Explorer.

What is the new part of this game?

The multiplayer part is what is technically new to this game. The real-time action is reminiscent of what Niantic seemed to be aiming for when they announced their partnership with Microsoft last month.

Using the help of the HoloLens 2, Niantic said that the company is looking to partner to test what multiplayer Pokemon Go gaming would look like in AR Headsets. Deutsche Telekom, Globe Telecom, and Verizon have said that they are testing the demo on their 5G networks till now.

According to Niantic, the developers said that the testing is still in work. Niantic has its carrier partners for its “Planet-Scale AR Alliance.”

It is a group testing feature that helps understand how global AR could work throughout the various carriers, including Deutsche Telekom, EE, Globe Telecom, Orange, SK Telecom, SoftBank, Telus, Verizon, and Telstra. This game is an intriguing feature for the community of gamers.

Niantic is a promising company to watch because of the killer app of AR with the Pokemon Go that developers have mastered. The company has also shared its next collaboration shortly with the audience on Twitter.

They are looking forward to working with next-gen AR smart glasses with CEO John Hanke, as it was teased through a mere promotion on Twitter.



Image courtesy of Niantic/YouTube Screenshot

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