Nick Cordero COVID-19: Tony nominee Broadway actor dies of coronavirus complications

Nick Cordero COVID-19: Tony nominee Broadway actor dies of coronavirus complications

After battling COVID-19 for 95 days, Nick Cordero dies at 41 due to complications.

On Sunday, Amanda Kloots, wife of Nick Cordero, confirmed that her husband has passed away due to the deadly coronavirus. Through Instagram, she informed all followers that he “gently left” while his family surrounded him with love, “singing and praying.”

The Broadway actor was hospitalized for pneumonia in March, according to CBS News. However, his wife reportedly believed that there was a “misdiagnosis” and that he had contracted the novel coronavirus. Reports said that she posted these, along with other updates, on her social media accounts.

The “vicious ICU dance circle”

Based on her updates, the doctors “sedated” Nick Cordero for 18 days in ICU, in April. Afterward, they reportedly had to amputate his leg due to COVID-19 complications.

Following the amputation, the celebrity spent weeks “unconscious,” even after the doctors brought him out of sedation, according to CNN News. This is reportedly why the hashtag, “Wake Up Nick,” trended on social media. As explained, it is in support of Cordero throughout his recovery period.

While he remained weak, his wife updated the fans and followers in May that he was already awake and “was making progress.” However, a new complication seemingly arose since he reportedly had a “low blood count” despite not bleeding internally.

Reports then said that Amanda Kloots deemed the whole “ups and downs” as a “vicious ICU dance circle.” The Guardian also noted that a GoFundMe campaign had raised more than AU$861,000 to pay for the medical expenses.

Nick Cordero and his final COVID-19 complication

Last week, Amanda Kloots reportedly told CBS Morning that Nick Cordero would need a “double lung transplant.” As explained, they learned that the actor’s lungs are “severely damaged” as if he smoked for 50 years. “They are that damaged,” she added.

This reportedly made Cordero so “critically ill.” As for the transplant, this would allow him to “live the kind of life that I know my husband would want to live,” Kloots said.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, his wife’s post on Instagram shocked the world upon learning that he has already passed away.


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Amanda Kloots hurting and “in disbelief”

Amanda Kloots, who is now a celebrity trainer, has shared that she remains “in disbelief” after all. She then went on to describe her husband as an “incredible” artist. “Elvis and I will miss him in everything we do, every day,” she added.

She also continued to share her gratitude and appreciation to Nick’s doctors, as well as the fans and followers “for the outpour of love, support and help we’ve received these last 95 days.” In the end, Nick Cordero “put up a fight,” she concluded.


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