Nicole Kidman begs Keith Urban to not leave her: Rumor

Nicole Kidman begs Keith Urban to not leave her: Rumor

Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, begging Keith Urban not to leave her.

According to New Idea, Nicole Kidman and Urban have been having marital problems throughout the past couple of years. And the couple is, allegedly, reaching their breaking point.

Nicole Kidman worried distance could end her marriage

Since they are, allegedly, dealing with problems, the last thing that Kidman wants is to separate from her husband. However, Urban’s recent engagements forced them to go their separate ways temporarily.

“Nicole thought they would be in Australia for the foreseeable future but then Keith accepted this hosting gig back in Nashville. He’s quite paranoid about losing his footing as one of the biggest country stars in America if he remains out of the view for too long. So, he felt he had no choice but to go back and get front and center,” the source said.

Does Keith Urban prioritize his career over his marriage?

Meanwhile, Kidman kept herself busy with her own projects. The actress stars in Nine Perfect Strangers and The Northman.

The source claimed that seeing Kidman doing what she loves most was what drove Urban to continue pursuing his passion for music.

And while Kidman understands why Urban needs to do what he’s got to do, she can’t, allegedly, help but worry about their marriage.

“She understands why she’s going, but wishes he didn’t have to. She doesn’t like to be without him. Plus, it was just announced all American adults will be vaccinated by the end of May. With Australia still dragging its heels, she wouldn’t mind fast-tracking that,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban rumors debunked 

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban rumors debunked

This isn’t the first time that tabloids claimed that Nicole Kidman and Urban are having problems in their marriage when they’re not.

It has also been very common for the tabloids to assume that the couple is having issues with their work and schedules just because they are apart.

However, it is important to note that Kidman and Urban have been in the industry for decades. So, they know that being professionals is a must in their chosen field.

Nicole Kidman and Urban’s marriage is going strong. In fact, they showed a united front after the actress got into an altercation with a theater-goer months ago.

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