Nicole Kidman bothered by Keith Urban’s cheating amid divorce rumors?


Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, still bothered by her husband Keith Urban’s history with cheating.

According to Life & Style, Urban has been dubbed as one of Hollywood’s worst husbands because of his ongoing marital problems with Nicole Kidman. The couple is, allegedly, not used to spending much time together that’s why they keep butting heads. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“They both work a lot and are used to spending a lot of time apart; it works for them. Now, being side by side 24/7 has caused tension. They’re fighting about small things, like laundry and the kids’ toys piling up, but also about old insecurities,” an unnamed source said, as per Life & Style.

Nicole Kidman allegedly struggling to get over her husband’s cheating

The insider also claimed that Kidman admitted that she has so much time on her hands. And the Big Little Lies actress can’t also stop thinking about the past cheating rumors that revolved around her husband.

“He tells her she’s crazy to bring it up and it usually ends with Nicole with tears – and him sleeping on the couch,” the source said.

Keith Urban allegedly sleeps on the couch by choice

Keith Urban allegedly sleeps on the couch by choice

The insider said that Kidman is heartbroken because her husband sleeps on the couch by choice. And if it were only up to her, the actress never wants to go to bed angry.

“She loves him to death, but sometimes, especially when he’s in the middle of picking a fight, Nicole still thinks she doesn’t know the real Keith. They’re struggling like a lot of couples nowadays,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman worried that she would lose her husband

Rumors about Kidman and Urban having problems have been rife for years. Last year, Woman’s Day claimed that the couple’s relationship had to do with them not being able to see each other.

An unnamed source claimed that Kidman is panicking about slowly losing Urban because of her busy schedule.

“Nicole is not in a good place. Her emotions are on a major rollercoaster ride. What she needs is to be with her family – including Keith,” the source said.

Actress gushes over Keith Urban

But earlier this year, Kidman and Urban proved that they’re still madly in love with each other. While speaking with OK! magazine, the actress called Urban the love of her life.

Nicole Kidman also said that she feels lucky to have found her husband. And she also feels welcomed by the Nashville community.

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