Nicole Kidman doesn’t want Keith Urban to join ‘The Voice’ due to Rita Ora?

Nicole Kidman doesn't want Keith Urban to join 'The Voice' due to Rita Ora?

Keith Urban and Rita Ora are the newest addition to The Voice Australia’s cast.

But according to New Idea, Nicole Kidman doesn’t want Keith Urban to join the reality TV show because it means he will work closely with Ora.

“It’s not like he needs the money. But he argues it’s crucial to keep up his appearances,” the source said.

Urban has also, allegedly, tried to assure Kidman that nothing will happen between him and Ora.

Nicole Kidman trusts Keith Urban but not Rita Ora

However, the Big Little Lies actress isn’t worried about her husband making the first move. Rather, Kidman is, allegedly, worried about what Ora could do.

After all, the singer previously said that Urban was so sweet after they worked together two years ago.

Nicole Kidman furious over Keith, J.Lo's flirty relationship 

Nicole Kidman furious over Keith, J.Lo’s flirty relationship

The source also said that Kidman knows how easy it is for Urban to fall victim to the women he’s working with just like Jennifer Lopez.

“Nicole will never forget how humiliating it was when Lopez brazenly flirted with Keith on American Idol. They had some explosive rows about that and friends were worried they might actually break up over it all,” the source said.

According to the insider, Kidman wants to avoid the same embarrassment from happening ever again.

“I’ve heard that she’s had people have a quiet word in The Voice producers’ ears to make sure Keith and Rita are seated at the opposite ends of the judges’ panel. She was Nicole’s last choice on the slate of potential judges purely because of her reputation,” the source said.

Keith Urban, Rita Ora not having an affair

Woman’s Day also published a similar story about Keith Urban, Kidman, and Ora in this week’s issue.

A source told the tabloid that Kidman became enraged after she found out that Ora accepted the terms of her contract.

“Rita’s reputation precedes her as someone who loves a good flirt. She puts on a sexpot attitude few men are able to resist,” the source said.

The tabloid also talked about Urban and Lopez’s alleged affair.

“Keith was in hot water with her for weeks for openly getting too close to J.Lo on Idol. Whether it was purely for the ratings, as he argued, or not, it made Nic look silly and she’s not about to tolerate that this time around,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Keith Urban never flirted with Lopez on American Idol. And he’s not about to stray because of Ora.

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