Nicole Kidman gives Pink ultimatum to stay away from Keith Urban: Rumor

Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, jealous of every woman that her husband, Keith Urban, works with.

According to Woman’s Day, Nicole Kidman gave Pink an ultimatum to stay away from Urban. The two artists recently worked together on Urban’s single, One Too Many.

“Nicole has kept Pink in her sights since she was a little too flirty with Keith at the 2017 AMAs. He always develops intense friendships with his creative partners and Pink is no exception. They had a great time collaborating on this project and Keith is full of praises for her, which isn’t exactly music to Nicole’s ears. He’s excited for the world to hear the music he made with Pink and doesn’t let Nic’s neuroses get in the way,” the source said.

Pink not interested in Keith Urban amid Nicole Kidman fears

A second source claimed that Pink adores Urban. However, the artist isn’t interested in the country singer in a romantic way because she loves her husband, Carey Hart.

“She probably doesn’t even know Nic has a bee in her bonnet about it,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Kidman isn’t jealous of Pink and Urban’s closeness because the two are nothing more than friends.

Is Nicole Kidman jealous of Jennifer Lopez?

Is Nicole Kidman jealous of Jennifer Lopez?

The same tabloid has been showcasing Nicole Kidman as a jealous wife to Urban for years. In January, they accused Urban of getting a little too close to Jennifer Lopez.

After the former American Idol judges reunited at the Critics’ Choice Awards, an eyewitness claimed that Urban was uncomfortable around Lopez. The insider also said that there was tension in the air between the A-listers.

“They had some rafter-shaking arguments about Keith and J.Lo, and Nic’s evidently still not over it. You can’t blame her. All the pictures of Keith and J.Lo snuggled up together, bantering and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears would have stung Nicole,” the source said.

Keith Urban jealous of Alexander Skarsgård, Hugh Grant

But Woman’s Day also changed their tune a couple of times over Kidman and Urban. There were times when the tabloid claimed that Urban was the jealous one.

The country artist was, allegedly, jealous of Kidman’s closeness to her Big Little Lies co-star, Alexander Skarsgård. Urban was also, allegedly, jealous of his wife’s closeness to Hugh Grant.

However, none of these claims are true. Urban and Nicole Kidman aren’t jealous of anyone. The couple is also happy in their marriage.

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