Nicole Kidman had back to back pregnancies in 2018, 2019: Rumor

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have already been blessed with two healthy children. However, the tabloids continue to claim that the couple needs more kids.

Two years ago, Woman’s Day published a photo of Nicole Kidman wearing a tight-fitting dress and claimed that she was sporting a growing baby bump.

Nicole Kidman sported a growing baby bump at a movie premiere

Kidman walked on the red carpet during the premiere of Boy Erased, and she, allegedly, set tongues wagging that she could be expecting baby number three.

“There have been whispers for a while now that Nicole wants to have more children. She’s been wearing a lot of baggy dresses and covering her stomach, but her latest outfit was a bit more revealing. It got people wondering if she could be pregnant. Nicole loves being a mom and would be over the moon if she’s expecting another child,” the source said.

A year later, Kidman shared a photo of herself during one of her vacations. The Big Little Lies star was wrapped in her scarf that gave an illusion that she was cradling a baby bump.

Woman’s Day once again speculated on the actress’s pregnancy after seeing the photo. They claimed that Kidman didn’t think that having a third child was even possible because of her age. But she’s more than happy to add to her brood.

Rumors debunked

Back then, Gossip Cop reached out to Kidman’s spokesperson and was told the rumors are false. Nicole Kidman wasn’t pregnant last year, and she wasn’t also pregnant in 2018.

If the actress had back to back pregnancies in both years, she should’ve already given birth to two babies. By now, she and Urban should already have four kids. However, this is not the case.

Nicole Kidman suffered a miscarriage years ago

Nicole Kidman suffered a miscarriage years ago

Kidman has always been candid about her pregnancy struggles. As such, claiming that she’s pregnant when she’s not is seemingly offensive.

When Kidman first met Urban in 2005, she was told that she couldn’t conceive. But at the age of 40, she became pregnant with her daughter, Sunday.

While speaking with You magazine, Kidman called her first pregnancy a miracle.

“I was like, ‘your only job, Keith, is to get me the epidural if I scream for it.’ And I screamed for it. I was doing OK and then I went, ‘Oh boy!'” she said.

Two years later, Nicole Kidman and Urban welcomed their second child, Faith, via a surrogate.

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