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Nicole Kidman jealous of husband Keith Urban, Pink rumor debunked


Nicole Kidman is not jealous of Keith Urband and Pink, in contrast to what one tabloid claims. Urban and Pink are both happily married to their spouses.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage has been subjected to various rumors. One outlet claimed that there was more than friendship between him and Pink that allegedly made the Big Littles Lies star jealous. The rumor started following their collaboration for the song One Too Many. However, the report was not true.

Nicole Kidman not jealous of Pink

Woman’s Day seemed to be pitting Nicole Kidman and Pink by starting a rumor that the former was jealous of the latter. Kidman’s husband Keith Urban worked with Pink for a collab. However, the Just Give me a Reason singer was allegedly flirty.

Also, Kidman didn’t like her husband’s praises for Pink, an insider claimed. The dubious source also alleged that Urban didn’t care about his wife’s feelings and was excited about his song with Pink.

Gossip Cop debunked the report because it is not true. The rumor-debunking site reached out to Kidman’s spokesperson and assured them that there was zero truth to the story.

Also, for those following Kidman and Urban, they are happy with their marriage. The same can be said about Pink and her husband Carey Hart.

Nicole and Keith’s marriage

Woman’s Day was not the only tabloid claiming that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were having a marital crisis. NW published a photo of the couple looking disheveled and quoted an anonymous source claiming they were not on good terms.

The couple were allegedly occupying separate rooms and didn’t want to be photographed together. However, in reality, they looked disheveled because they were not expecting anyone to photograph them.

The rumored feud is not true. Just a few weeks ago, Kidman shared a photo of her kissing her husband to support her new album.

Pink and Carey Hart relationship

Meanwhile, Pink and Carey Hart have separated multiple times in the past, but those separations only made them stronger. It also made them realize they were best together.

Just last month, Pink shared an intimate photo of her and Hart hugging each other. In a lengthy caption, she talked about their marriage and the different challenges they went through.

Pink said people laughed at them because they either fight or laugh and even rolled their eyes when she mentioned therapy. However, for them who were determined to be together, therapy was worth it.

“I love you babe. I’m grateful we made it to this photo @hartluck,” she concluded.

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