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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban baby rumors: Couple working with top adoption agency?


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are, allegedly, adopting a baby boy.

According to Woman’s Day, the couple has always wanted to have more children. And since their daughter is already 10 years old, Nicole Kidman and Urban feel that now is the best time to push through with their adoption plans.

A source told the tabloid that Kidman and Urban have been working with a top adoption agency to move forward with their adoption plans.

Nicole Kidman desperate to adopt a baby boy

After starring in The Undoing, the actress couldn’t help but be inspired after she worked with babies and played the role of a mom.

And after one of her fans shared a photo of the actress cradling a baby boy, Kidman lost it and she encouraged Urban to adopt a baby boy.

“Nicole took one look at that baby during casting and melted. She told anyone within earshot she would love a baby boy and it’s been her husband’s dream to have a son ever since they met,” the source said.

Once the adoption is finalized, Kidman and Urban have, allegedly, agreed to name their son, Antony Robert, which is inspired by their dads’ names.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban returning to America to adopt a baby

Meanwhile, the source said that Kidman and Urban will soon be returning to America to kickstart the adoption process.

“They’re looking to proceed with a formal adoption when they return to the US, likely toward the end of the year. It’s easier to adopt in America than it is here, so they’ll look to head back to Nashville once things calm down with the virus and political landscape… they’d prefer not to leave things too much longer,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Nicole Kidman and Urban are rumored to be adopting a baby boy.

Adoption rumors debunked

Two years ago, the same tabloid claimed that the couple is keen on adopting a baby together because Kidman has always wanted to have a baby boy.

“Keith knows just how long Nicole has wanted another child and he finally just said to her, ‘What are we waiting for?’ Neither of them is getting any younger, and she’s accepted that she’s not going to have a baby naturally at her age, so adoption seemed like the natural path,” the source said.

However, Nicole Kidman and Urban didn’t adopt a baby boy then and won’t adopt one now.

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