Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban in great tension over Alexander Skarsgård: Rumor


Nicole Kidman, recently, shared a rare sweet photo of Keith Urban with their kids for Father’s Day, but rumors have it they’re fighting. Allegedly, the two are in great tension over the actress’ reunion with Alexander Skarsgård.

Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård will be once again working together for the Viking film, The Northman. However, a tabloid claimed that Keith Urban didn’t like their reunion, which caused a rift between them. Is there any truth about it?

The reason behind the alleged tension

The 53-year-old star and the younger actor have worked together for the HBO hit series, Big Little Lies. As they are about to reunite for a new movie, the singer-songwriter, reportedly, didn’t like the idea.

New Idea reported that instead of celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary, the pair got into a tense battle. Allegedly, the Bombshell star is determined to continue working with her former co-star when the lockdown gets lifted.

As Nicole Kidman also gave Alexander Skarsgård a simple kiss at the 2017 Emmys, the magazine used it as the premise of Keith Urban’s alleged jealousy.

“Keith can’t believe nobody thinks there’s a problem with this,” a so-called source said. “He was disturbed by that kiss and rightly so given that so were half the people in the room at the Emmys.”

Allegedly, Nicole Kidman assured her husband there’s nothing between her and her co-actor. She tried her best to understand Keith Urban and where he’s coming from, promising not to do it again.

As the Big Little Lies star are set to work together, the country singer, allegedly, stopped posting his wife on Instagram. Tom Cruise’s former wife also stayed mum about it for a month.

“Keith adores Nic’s bubbly, outgoing yet girlish personality,” the insider continued. “Though, he prefers it to be directed at him, not at some hot, single male co-star.”

“Alex’s flirting is getting on Keith’s nerves,” the tipster added. “They’ll probably still post a loving message to each other on Instagram, but this moving is causing big, possibly on-going problems.”

Debunking the false claims

Gossip Cop debunked the false claims about a couple of almost 14 years. A spokesperson of Nicole Kidman herself said there was no truth to this made-up story.

Keith Urban himself also shared a photo of his beautiful wife on Instagram to greet her on her birthday. About the kiss, the Aquaman actress explained that after she kissed Alexander Skarsgård, she kissed her husband, too. It was also just a congratulatory kiss.

Also, Nicole Kidman showed her love for Keith Urban when she gave him and her dad a special tribute for Father’s Day. She posted their never-before-seen snap with their kids, Sunday, 11, and Faith, 9.

“The recipient of the love of a truly great father, and the wife of a truly great father,” she captioned the post. “Happy Father’s Day.”

Featured image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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