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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s marriage is breaking apart: rumor


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are no strangers to divorce rumors. In fact, the pair have been reported to have split up many times before.

In the latest claims about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, it was said that they have a tense relationship after their trip to Australia. Life & Style magazine reported the couple’s marriage is crumbling and shockingly, divorce may follow.

The 13th-anniversary jinx

In the report titled Keith & Nicole shock split, just a few weeks after celebrating their 13th anniversary, they realized that 13 is an unlucky number for them.

A source alleged that Nicole and Keith were only staying civil for the sake of their two daughters.

“Don’t let all the cozy, cuddly photo ops fool you,” the tipster supposedly told the tabloid. “Nicole and Keith have some major issues and their marriage has been on shaky ground.”

They are said to be on the verge of divorce after they came home from their Australian trip. It was described as a tension-filled family trip due to their arguments.

“Their marriage is like a roller coaster, and it’s been a living hell lately,” the tipster stated. “People would be shocked at the dysfunction – their marriage has gotten really weird at times.”

The source added that with the situation, it looks like the end of their marriage is very near.

The alleged cause of the huge fight of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

The insider alleged that the two’s fight started when the country singer insisted he needs to go back to the States.

Nicole Kidman then accused Keith of being so eager to go back as he only wants to be with his young friends.

Jealousy was suggested as the biggest reason for their fight because the insider stressed the actress specifically mentioned about his young female pals.

“Nicole and Keith fight about a lot of things but mostly her jealousy and fears that Keith will leave her for someone younger,” the insider shared.

It was alleged that Keith is naturally flirty with his younger female colleagues so no one can really blame Nicole Kidman for being jealous.

Also, the actress filming for Big Little Lies was also cited as another reason why their marriage is breaking apart. With her work schedules and Keith’s tours, they barely spend time together so they kind of living separate lives already.

Trial separation to repair their marriage

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were said to have gone for counseling to fix their marriage. However, the results of the camp did not have a lasting effect on them.

Ultimately, they decided to go for a trial separation but still, nothing changed in their relationship when they reunited again.

It became burdensome for them to be together so the source claimed they may not be able to do it anymore – suggesting a divorce.

Debunking the split rumor

Gossip Cop easily debunked this story because everyone knows that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are still together. The outlet also contacted the actress’s representative to get comments and know the truth.

Her rep told Gossip Cop that the report is not true and explained it was a made-up narrative. Recent photos of the couple will also prove that there is nothing wrong with their relationship.

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