Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s marriage almost didn’t survive before first anniversary: Rumor

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban's marriage almost didn't survive before first anniversary: Rumor

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary next month. And while it seems that their relationship is going strong, things haven’t always been easy for the couple.

According to Star, there was a time when Nicole Kidman and Urban didn’t think that their marriage would survive until their first anniversary. But looking up, the couple made certain adjustments to their relationship that helped them reach this important milestone.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Kidman and Urban fell in love with each other shortly after they met at a diplomacy gala in Australia. However, it didn’t also take the couple very long to worry about a slew of issues.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban dealt with their fears well

There was a time when the Big Little Lies star feared that Urban would leave her because she couldn’t get pregnant. Urban, on the other hand, struggled with his alcohol addiction and found himself in a rehab facility multiple times.

“Keith tried to be there for her, but she spiraled into a state of despair and depression and shut herself off. She panicked that Keith would leave her because she couldn’t get pregnant,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban marriage secret

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban marriage secret

Throughout the years, the source said that Nicole Kidman and Urban also dealt with trust issues and jealous fights. So, they eventually decided to seek counseling.

“It forced them to talk through and deal with their issues and to set some new intentions – to have regular date nights and vacations and to speak at least every day when they’re apart. They’ve also been working on their physical connection. They’re still navigating through issues just like any other married couple, but now they feel like they have the right tools. They’re stronger than ever,” the source said.

Kidman and Urban have been both very open about their struggles. And until today, the couple speaks highly of each other.

The actress’s kind words

While speaking with Vogue, the actress credited her husband for helping her snap out of her traumatic role in Big Little Lies.

“Keith feels these things, too. But he’s better at dealing with it. He’ll be ‘OK, but now let’s just get on with it.’ This is why there’s such a great balance in our relationship. He says I’m an actor and he’s just a performer, an extrovert. He gets up on stage and connects with his audience every night through songs and joy and love,” Nicole Kidman said.

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