Nicole Kidman plans to reunite with estranged son Connor in LA: Rumor

Nicole Kidman plans to reunite with estranged son Connor in LA: Rumor

Nicole Kidman hasn’t, reportedly, given up hope that she and her adopted son, Connor Cruise would be able to fix their longstanding issues.

According to New Idea, Nicole Kidman wants to maximize her time in the United States while she’s filming for her upcoming project. Since Connor lives in Florida, the actress is, allegedly, planning to meet up with her estranged son.

“She’s never been particularly thrilled about him living there. Connor is constantly under the watchful eye of Scientology,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman worried about her son’s safety

And the Big Little Lies star became even more worried for her son after learning that Florida declared a state of emergency over a leaking radioactive phosphate fertilizer pond in the Tampa Bay area.

“For Nicole, that was the last straw. Florida has a bit of a wild reputation, but Connor loves it there and runs a fishing charter and meat-smoking business in the area. However, Nicole doesn’t want him living, swimming, fishing, and eating in a radioactive dump. She’s hoping to convince him to start over and move to OZ,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman wants Connor Cruise to move to Australia 

Nicole Kidman wants Connor Cruise to move to Australia

The insider added that Kidman is confident that Connor would love it in Australia. But it might still be wishful thinking on her part.

“But she knows he would love the beaches and the people, and he could easily continue his hospitality work there,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, there is no proof that Nicole Kidman still has a falling out with Connor today.

Rumors debunked

In fact, Tom Cruise’s adopted son broke his silence about the rumors by saying that he and his mom are solid.

“I don’t what people say, I know that me and mom are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything. Family comes before everything else,” he said.

Three years ago, Kidman also responded to claims that she’s at odds with her two adopted children. But the actress said that everything is fine with them.

Since her children are now adults, Nicole Kidman said that they are free to make their own decisions.

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