Nicole Kidman producing a biopic about Steve Irwin, starring as Terri Irwin?

Nicole Kidman producing a biopic about Steve Irwin, starring as Terri Irwin?

Nicole Kidman will, allegedly, bring the love story of Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin to the big screen.

According to New Idea, Nicole Kidman will be producing a biopic about the couple. And the actress will also play the role of Terri.

“Nicole is uniquely placed to understand the fanfare that Steve and his family still get in America, and of course she knows how much Steve meant to Australians. She can’t believe that no one’s done a Steve biopic before,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman eyeing Liam Hemsworth to co-star in Steve Irwin biopic

The insider claimed that the production for the alleged biopic will take place in Australia. And Liam Hemsworth could play the role of the late Steve.

“Nic wants to look locally for her main man, and she’s getting friendly with Liam. She also loved Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things,” the source said.

Terri Irwin helping Nicole Kidman with her husband's biopic 

Terri Irwin helping Nicole Kidman with her husband’s biopic

To make her portrayal of Terri more believable, Kidman will, allegedly, work closely with Bindi Irwin’s mom.

The Big Little Lies star also, allegedly, recruited his friend Russell Crowe to help with the project.

“She’s versatile when it comes to her characters, but even she admits she’d need a little CGI help. Rusty was also Steve’s best mate, so it makes sense that he’d be involved as an adviser,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop immediately debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that there is no word about a Steve Irwin biopic as of late.

If Kidman will be producing a biopic about the Irwin’s, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on it.

The rumor-debunking site also pointed out that Steve’s memory has already been immortalized through The Crocodile Hunter, as well as with his family’s continued work at the Australian Zoo.

Kidman also, reportedly, has a very busy schedule so it’s unlikely for her to take on more projects right now.

Keith Urban’s wife is currently working on The Northman with Alexander Skarsgard. She’s also producing and starring in Nine Perfect Strangers.

The actress is also producing at least two other projects, namely, The Expatriates and Truly Madly Guilty.

As such, Nicole Kidman cannot work on a Steve Irwin biopic right now.

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