Nicole Kidman saved husband Keith Urban in emotional reunion rumor debunked

Nicole Kidman saved husband Keith Urban in emotional reunion rumor debunked

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage have been subjected to various rumors, with one tabloid claiming the former saved the latter.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been together for over a decade already. But just like other A-list Hollywood couple, their relationship has been subjected to non-stop gossip. So, Gossip Cop investigated the latest rumor about the couple.

Nicole Kidman saved Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban reportedly have a rule never to spend more than three days apart. However, they were forced to do so due to the pandemic.

Kidman, Urban, and their children moved to Australia so that she could film Nine Perfect Strangers. However, the latter had to fly back to Tennessee in September to host the 2020 American Academy Music Awards and promote his new album.

He had to quarantine before he could travel back to Australia. So, Urban was away from his wife and daughters for two weeks.

New Idea published a report about the couple’s emotional reunion and mentioned how Kidman saved Urban. But the report was not clear as to why Urban needed to be saved.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop investigated the report and refuted it. The outlet noted that it’s normal for Nicole Kidman to miss her husband. However, it seemed unlikely that it’s the first time for the actress and singer to be apart because she’s often filming movies. Also, for those who follow the couple, they are just doing great despite the distance.

Gossip Cop also noticed that the rest of the report was a version of a story published from Globe. It claimed that Kidman was worried that her husband would fall off the wagon. The rumor-debunking site also busted the report with Kidman’s rep telling Gossip Cop there was “no truth” to the story.

Urban has been sober since 2006. Kidman trusts him, and their marriage has a very solid foundation. They do not have to worry whenever they are apart.

Gossip Cop also pointed out how New Idea’s report failed to deliver what was stated in the title. Thus, calling the report a “bait and switch.”

Moreover, New Idea has a reputation for publishing bait and switch stories about celebrities. For instance, it claimed Brad Pitt won the custody battle against ex Angelina Jolie. It also published a report claiming Bindi Irwin was expecting quadruplets.

It also published false stories about Kidman and Urban in the past, like how Pink saved their marriage. And alleged that Nicole Kidman was still jealous that Princess Diana had a crush on her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The royal has been dead for two decades, and Kidman has already moved on from Cruise years ago. She is happy with her new family with Urban.


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