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Nicole Kidman shares rare comments on Tom Cruise


Veteran actress Nicole Kidman recollects the happy times she spent with former husband, Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once a power couple of Hollywood. While still together, The duo delivered memorable performances in films like Eyes Wide Shut, Days of Thunder, and Far Far Away.

After a decade of marriage, the couple called their relationship quits in 2001. The Big Little Lies actress reveals that she holds many sweet memories from the days of her marriage with Cruise.

The last film they worked together was Eyes Wide Shut. The psychological thriller was helmed by Stanley Kubrick, who passed shortly after the film’s completion.

Nicole Kidman reminisces her time with Tom Cruise

In a recent interview, the actress stated that she was happy and had many joyful memories in the last months of her marriage with Cruise.

When Kidman was asked if Eyes Wide Shut‘s infidelity storyline impacted her marriage, the actress said it was just a narrative, and she did not see it that way. She added that they would go go-karting after the days filming was done and even rented a place and went on racing at 3 AM.

Living in a trailer and spaghetti dinners

Furthermore, Kidman shared some never-been-told memories from the movie’s shooting days. She revealed that she and Cruise spent most of their time in the trailer. They would often invite the director of the film Stanley and cook spaghetti for dinner.

Additionally, the Academy awarded star reveals that she had the most fun while learning more about herself and others.

Stanley was known for his perfection when it comes to directing. He would often take numerous shots before finalizing. Having that said, a handful of actors often described working with him as a meticulous and tiring process.

Kidman added that she would often watch Animal Planet with him while sitting on his office floor. The film was first thought to take three months of shooting, ended two years to complete.

Divorce and new relationships

Kidman and Cruise moved on with other love affairs after their divorce. The Mission Impossible star later married Katie Holms, but eventually ended in a divorce. Cruise and Holmes’ marriage sprung a daughter named Suri, who is now 14.

Kidman adopted two kids on the other side of the story: Isabella, 27, and Connor Antony, 25. She later married Keith Urban, a country musician, in 2006. The couple welcomed their first daughter in 2008, and they’re second though gestational surrogacy in 2010.

Meanwhile, Kidman is also known for her relationships with Jude Law, Adrien Brody, Marcus Graham, and Tom Burlinson.

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