Nicole Kidman slammed for being ‘rude,’ difficult to work with, and a ‘diva’

Nicole Kidman slammed for being 'rude,' difficult to work with, and a 'diva'

Nicole Kidman is at the center of some outrageous claims about her character and behavior.

On the gossip site Deux Moi, some unnamed individuals detailed alleged encounters with Nicole Kidman. Some of them encountered the actress themselves, while others heard stories from their family and friends.

“My dad worked for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in their NYC apartment and they were the absolute worst. So rude and entitled. On the other hand, he did work for Hugh Jackman and he was the complete opposite. So sweet, always friendly with my dad. He even gave my parents free tickets to one of his NYC plays that he was in,” one person wrote.

Nicole Kidman shocking criticized for her behavior 

Nicole Kidman shocking criticized for her behavior

Another insider accused Kidman of being a cold and impersonal diva. The Big Little Lies star is, allegedly, the type of celebrity that would do anything to avoid interacting with the public.

“I can confirm Nicole Kidman is difficult. She used to live in the same building as [redacted] in West London. She tried to claim one of only two elevators in the building as her own and was planning to never let anyone use it,” the source said.

However, the other A-lister living in the building, reportedly, managed to block off Kidman’s request.

Nicole Kidman criticisms coming from Scientologists

An unnamed source denied the allegations during an interview with Woman’s Day.

“She isn’t exactly a best friend or a mother figure to her staff and Keith can be kind of aloof, especially when he’s in his creative headspace, but they aren’t the monsters people are trying to make them out to be. Those close to them are starting to suspect someone is trying to use false claims to make them look bad,” the source said.

The source then put the blame on Scientologists, who haven’t, allegedly, moved on from Kidman’s decision to quit the religion years ago.

“We think it has Scientology’s fingerprints all over it. She has never been forgiven for leaving their ‘poster boy’ Tom Cruise. So, any time something weird like this happens, rogue Scientology members are usually the conclusion everyone jumps to first,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that these criticisms and backstabbing are the reasons why Kidman has found it difficult to trust other people.

Rumors debunked

As of late, Kidman hasn’t responded to the allegations that she’s a diva. But there is no proof that these claims are coming from Scientologists.

By the looks of it, online trolls are just picking on Nicole Kidman and Urban.

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