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Nicole Kidman speaks about emotional reunion with husband Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had an emotional reunion when they were forced to spend weeks apart due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban want to spend most of their days together. In fact, they agreed to never spend more than three days apart. But they had no choice but to break that rule during the pandemic.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s emotional reunion

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make it a point to be together any chance they have So, the couple and their daughters moved from Nashville to Australia, so she could film Nine Perfect Strangers.

But Urban had to fly back to Tennessee in September to host the 2020 American Academy Music Awards and promote his new album The Speed of Now Part 1. He had to quarantine for two weeks, so he was away from his wife and daughters for weeks. It was very difficult for Kidman.

“We’ve never been away from each other this long before,” the Little Big Lies star said per New Idea.

“It’s hard, so we’re constantly on FaceTime. That’s our world now – and thank God for it. What would we have done without it?”

The coronavirus pandemic kept Kidman and Urban apart far longer than they wanted. Kidman was allegedly about to fret. Meanwhile, Urban loves it there because it is his spiritual home. However, the memories of his wild early days when he was still taking drugs are still there.

Nicole on husband living a double life

Nicole Kidman also stars in The Undoing, a psychological thriller miniseries. Kidman said it would be frightening to think of her husband living a double life, something her character faces in her show.

Kidman said she couldn’t imagine it and adding that it is “everybody’s nightmare.”

Meanwhile, Kidman trusts her husband and she knows that he is dedicated to being the best dad to their kids. Also, Kidman has been helping him with his addiction issues and she has been successful.

Moreover, the Moulin Rouge! star wants to keep an eye on her husband and support him that’s why she wants them close all the time, the source added.

And, Nicole reportedly found the pandemic tough that’s why she wanted Urban near.

Nicole and Keith marital crisis rumors

Just like any celebrities, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage was subjected to various rumors. One outlet even involved Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth saying they were wooing Kidman to boos their career which made Urban jealous. Another outlet alleged that Kidman was jealous of Urban and Pink.

But those reports were not true. The Hemsworth brothers were not wooing Kidman. Pink is in a happy marriage. And Urban and Kidman’s marriage is also doing okay.

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