Nicole Kidman struggling to find a leading man due to Keith Urban’s rule: Rumor

Nicole Kidman struggling to find a leading man due to Keith Urban's rule: Rumor

Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, struggling to find a leading man for her upcoming movie, The Silent Wife.

Throughout the years, Nicole Kidman has worked with a slew of male actors. But she’s finding it hard to team up with another man now because of her husband, Keith Urban.

According to New Idea, Urban put his foot down that Kidman can no longer work with Alexander Skarsgard, who was the actress’s loveteam in Big Little Lies. Urban doesn’t also, allegedly, want his wife to work with Colin Firth.

Nicole Kidman understands Keith Urban's request 

Nicole Kidman understands Keith Urban’s request

A source for the tabloid said that Kidman knows that Urban could be half-joking when he gave her his rule. And she understands because the country star must struggle to see her with another man on the screen.

“Nicole wants to accommodate him. But right now, leading men are hard to find. With Hollywood on hold for so long, everyone’s half-committed to something so it’s tough locking someone away. The movies might have stopped being made, but the ideas certainly haven’t,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no indication that Kidman is struggling to find a leading man because of Urban.

In fact, there is also no news about the actress starring in The Silent Wife, since the project first made rounds in 2015.

Back then, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Kidman will play the role of Jodi, a dedicated wife to her cheating husband. But when her husband, Todd tells her that he’s leaving her for a younger woman, Jodi won’t accept defeat.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban stronger than ever

Meanwhile, it’s not also true that Urban is jealous of Kidman’s male co-stars. The country artist couldn’t be prouder of his wife.

Last year, he told Daily Mail that Kidman is his best friend. He also said that no one knows him as well as his wife does.

For her part, Kidman told Marie Claire that there are times when her husband needs an escape from her and their kids because their household is filled with females.

“I’ll find him in his closet playing guitar. That’s when I know we really need to give him space. Oh, and he googles cars. I’ll know when he’s stressed ’cause he’s Googling cars. I couldn’t care less what car I’m driving; you can pick me up in any old thing. But Keith and Faith love cars,” Nicole Kidman said.

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