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Nicole Kidman won’t chase Bella Cruise after daughter reaches out to her: Rumor


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s daughter, Bella Cruise has, allegedly, reached out to the actress.

According to reports, Nicole Kidman has been estranged from Cruise for years. In fact, after she and Bella’s dad split years ago, the budding designer chose to stay with the Mission: Impossible actor.

Bella Cruise hearts Nicole Kidman’s photos

But just recently, Bella started liking her mom’s posts on Instagram. And Woman’s Day claimed that this is one obvious indication that the 27-year-old wants to make amends.

“All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, Bella started liking Nicole’s Instagram photos. Don’t get me wrong, Nicole is pleased, but it’s come a little out of the blue, given they’ve barely spoken since Bella was eight,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Bella Cruise’s complicated relationship

The source also claimed that Bella decided to distance herself from Kidman because the latter doesn’t support Scientology. In fact, Bella, reportedly, called her mom as a suppressive person, which is a label given to those who speak against the religion.

And after Kidman and Tom divorced, Bella and her brother decided to stay with their dad instead of the actress.

“Their faith in Scientology was stronger than their bond with their adoptive mother, and Nicole eventually came to terms with the fact that their relationship would be limited to a couple of phone calls a year, at that,” the source said.

But even though Bella has reached out to Nicole Kidman, the actress doesn’t think that she shouldn’t hope too much for their relationship to be repaired.

“But now, Bella’s mad a different kind of contact and Nicole has a glimmer of hope about what it could all mean. She won’t chase Bella – she learned not to do that a long time ago, but she’s hoping now Bella’s all grown up she’s realized she needs her mom,” the source said.

The actress is done chasing her daughter

While there is proof that Bella liked some of Kidman’s posts on Instagram, no one knows for sure what goes on between them behind closed doors. Bella has always stayed away from the limelight, and Kidman has not given an update about their relationship.

Last year, Kidman briefly talked about her eldest daughter and said that Bella lives in London. The 27-year-old designer, reportedly, feels more British because she grew up in London while her parents were busy filming their movies.

In fact, Nicole Kidman also said that Bella had a British accent growing up.

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