Nicole Kidman worried Keith Urban could fall in love with Taylor Swift: Rumor

Several tabloids have been depicting Nicole Kidman as Keith Urban’s jealous wife.

Last year, the country musician decided to cover Taylor Swift’s song, Lover, and Nicole Kidman was, allegedly, not thrilled.

Nicole Kidman jealous of Taylor Swift

According to Woman’s Day, Kidman was worried that Urban would express his desire to work with Swift. And if he did, the Big Little Lies star is, allegedly, concerned that her husband could fall in love with the much younger singer.

After all, there are claims that Swift looked just like Kidman when the latter was much younger. So, before Urban and Swift could even work together, Kidman, allegedly, asked her husband to stay away from the singer.

“What if Taylor and Keith start making music together and he falls for her? What if they connect over more than music?” a source said.

Rumors debunked

But Gossip Cop immediately debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that they are untrue. The rumor-debunking site also reached out to a rep for Kidman, and they were told that the claims are false.

Urban and Swift have also worked together in the past. And there didn’t seem to be an issue with Kidman when they did.

It is also important to note that Swift is still dating Joe Alwyn. So, it’s unlikely for the Red singer to have eyes for someone else.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban marital problems

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban marital problems

Woman’s Day has been concocting dubious claims that Kidman and Urban for years. In March, the tabloid claimed that the actress was feeling extremely homesick. And she allegedly told Urban that she wants to go to Australia, but he refused to join his wife.

“They’re usually so loved up, but lately they’ve been arguing about their clashing schedules. Nic feels that moving home and getting a fresh start can reboot their marriage, and she’s just waiting for Keith to come around,” the source said.

Months later, Kidman and Urban traveled to Australia with their daughters, Sunday and Faith. Kidman is also staying in Australia because she’s filming Nine Perfect Strangers.

Nicole, Keith renewing their vows

Woman’s Day then claimed that Kidman and Urban are planning to renew their vows. And while Kidman is not busy filming, she’s, allegedly, planning the entire event that will be attended by their family and friends.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are not having problems in their marriage. They aren’t also renewing their vows anytime soon.

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