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Nicole Poturalski makes rare appearance with son Emil amid claims she’s using Brad Pitt


Nicole Poturalski stepped out in public with her 7-year-old son, Emil earlier this week.

The 27-year-old shared a video of herself walking hand-in-hand with the young boy. Nicole Poturalski and her son’s face isn’t seen in the video. Only their silhouette while walking can be seen.

Is Nicole Poturalski using Brad Pitt?

Poturalski’s sighting came in the heels of rumors that she’s just using Brad Pitt for fame. According to In Touch Weekly, the actor’s friends are concerned that her intentions aren’t pure.

“Nicole claims to love him for who he is, not what he has. But some friends are convinced she’s using him Brad for fame. They’re worried she has an agenda,” the source said.

The single mom was allegedly poor as a kid

The source also claimed that Poturalski grew up in a life of poverty. As such, there are worries among Pitt’s circle of friends that she’s doing everything she can to have a more comfortable life.

“Having endured a childhood of poverty, she was willing to do almost anything to escape and build a name for herself. And she made it happen. Still, she was blown away by Brad’s LA compound and Chateau Miraval. Her husband has money, but Brad’s in a different league,” the source said.

Brad Pitt’s risky relationship with Nicole Poturalski

Shortly after Nicole Poturalski and Pitt’s relationship was made public, the couple drew a slew of other criticisms. Us Weekly claimed that Pitt is playing with fire with his relationship with the German model.

A source also dubbed the couple’s relationship as risky because Pitt is still dealing with his custody case against Angelina Jolie. Poturalski, on the other hand, is still married to Roland Mary.

Brad Pitt no plans to wed his girlfriend

The insider also claimed that Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship has already reached a dead end even before it progressed. After all, they, allegedly, don’t want to tie the knot.

“Brad’s currently going through a messy divorce so he might not be looking for anything serious, which would explain why Nicole is so appealing to him. She’s already married to another man. He’s happy to be living in the moment. He feels no pressure to do anything. It’s the perfect arrangement for him,” the source said.

German model still positive amid the criticisms

But despite all the rumors and criticisms, the single mom, reportedly, tries to remain as optimistic as possible. On her Instagram account, Poturalski shared a series of photos with a cryptic caption.

“By no means stopping embracing life, laughing, making recollections, and attempt to see the great in individuals. No consideration to dangerous vitality simply smiles as a result of life is simply too brief,” Nicole Poturalski wrote.

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