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Nicole Poturalski shares stunning photo after Angelina Jolie calls her a copycat: Rumor


Nicole Poturalski just shared another stunning selfie on her Instagram account.

In the snap, the model’s entire body is shown and she’s wearing pants and a top that resembles the colors of the sky. Nicole Potualski also tied her hair in a tight bun for the photo.

The German model shared the photo before she told her over 200,000 followers what her plans are for Sunday. Brad Pitt’s girlfriend uploaded a beautiful photo of the sky on her social media account.

“My Sunday plan: nature, fruits, and coffee,” she captioned the photo.

Nicole Poturalski unfazed by Angelina Jolie rumors

Poturalski’s recent photos came in the heels of rumors that Angelina Jolie is furious with her because she’s copying the actress. Fans of Pitt and Jolie previously claimed that Poturalski looks like the Maleficent star when Jolie was much younger.

But according to National Enquirer, Jolie isn’t thrilled with the comparisons.

“The fact that Brad is dating a younger version of herself is a nasty thorn in Angie’s side. Even worse, she suspects Brad knew exactly what he was doing and what her reaction would be. If anyone knows Angie’s temper, it’s Brad. He’s managed to puncture her steely reserve and hit her where she’s vulnerable,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t want her kids to know Nicole Poturalski

According to the source, Jolie has also asked Pitt to keep their kids away from Nicole Poturalski. After all, the Unbroken director thinks the much younger model is just using Pitt for fame and money.

“The social medial weirdness and copycat looks are one thing but going with Brad to Chateau Miraval, where he married Angie set off huge alarms for his ex-wife,” the source said.

Tabloids have been pitting Jolie and Poturalski against each other since the latter was linked to Pitt. Last month, Globe claimed that Jolie also urged Pitt to keep Poturalski away from their kids.

And the mom of six has, allegedly, been talking to her lawyers in case Pitt doesn’t follow her orders.

Brad Pitt pushed Angelina Jolie’s buttons

Heat UK also published a similar story saying that Pitt pushed Jolie’s buttons after he took Poturalski to Chateau Miraval in August.

“Ange can’t believe he took Nicole to Chateau. The fact that Nicole’s already married makes her even more convinced that it’s a result of Brad’s midlife crisis. He’s been telling people that it’s serious and Nicole’s here to stay, but Ange has said there’s no way in hell she’ll let her within a yard of their children,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that these rumors are just based on hearsays. Jolie, Pitt, and Nicole Poturalski haven’t addressed the allegations.

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