Nicole Poturalski using Brad Pitt for fame, actor’s friends worried of her agenda: Rumor

Nicole Poturalski using Brad Pitt for fame, actor's friends worried of her agenda: Rumor

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski’s relationship is already at the center of rumors even though they’ve only made things official last month.

Is Nicole Poturalski using Brad Pitt?

According to Life & Style, the actor’s friends are worried that Poturalski could be dating Brad Pitt for all the wrong reasons.

“Nicole claims to love him for who he is, not what he has. But some friends are convinced she’s using him Brad for fame. They’re worried she has an agenda,” the source said.

Brad’s model girlfriend grew up poor

The insider also said that Poturalski grew up in a life of poverty. As such, she is willing to do almost anything to have a better life for herself.

“Having endured a childhood of poverty, she was willing to do almost anything to escape and build a name for herself. And she made it happen. Still, she was blown away by Brad’s LA compound and Chateau Miraval. Her husband has money, but Brad’s in a different league,” the source said.

Nicole Poturalski wants to work in Hollywood

The 27-year-old German model, allegedly, wants to take her career to the next level. She’s already one of the most sought-after models in Europe, and she wants to start making a name for herself in Hollywood, which may also involve acting.

“But now that Nicole’s had a taste of fame and money, thanks to Brad, friends fear there’s no going back. After years of battling it out with Angie, no one wants to see Brad get his heart broken again,” the source said.

Brad Pitt helping his girlfriend land an acting job 

Brad Pitt helping his girlfriend land an acting job

Earlier this week, The Sun claimed that Poturalski wants to get into acting and Brad Pitt is helping her out.

“Nicole’s longing to pursue her love of acting and carve out a career for herself in Hollywood which Brad’s been helping her with – connecting her to industry execs. While Brad’s assured her he has the connections and ability to help turn Nicole into a star, he wants to ensure she works hard at it as he did and doesn’t expect an easy ride just because of her link to him,” the source said.

The single mom could, allegedly, become a part of Pitt’s Plan B productions. After all, the company has a string of projects lined up. However, the actor doesn’t want to give his girlfriend acting jobs just because of their associations.

“But he’s insisted she has to prove to not only him but his team that she’s worthy of a role. This is something she understands and very much respects,” the source said.

However, Brad Pitt and Poturalski have yet to confirm their plans in Hollywood. But it is unlikely that the model is using her boyfriend for fame.

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