‘Nier Replicant’ outsold the original’s lifetime sales by twice in two months


Finding massive success following launch, Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 generated sales that doubles the original Nier’s decade sales within just two months. Specifically, a total of 1 million copies versus the latter’s 500 thousand.

Announcing the information to the public is a tweet by NieR Series, which highlights the game’s overall sales as of June 22.

Still Fresh from Launch

Nier Replicant, a remaster of the original Nier, saw release two months ago to a massive acclaim. Although the seminal title saw only modest success, leading to a cult following status, it’s not what propelled Replicant to its heights. The honor quite ironically comes from the previous series entry, Nier Automata.

Nier Automata is also making a milestone for Square Enix, though, as it itself makes a milestone achievement for its publisher. That is, after hitting 6 million copies sales throughout its entirety since its release back in 2017. A fact that draws from the same announcement in the aforementioned tweet.

A Breakthrough Title

Automata is, by itself, an interesting topic and whose success many didn’t suspect as forthcoming. This comes from the idea of being a follow-up to a title poorly received by critics and not until several years later. But to a criticism that’s not without its own merit, which points to the initial title’s mostly clunky gameplay mechanics.

Learning from the creators of Nier Automata, developer Toylogic applied improvements that made Replicant significantly distinct from the first title. Across the board, the remaster saw major improvements in the areas of combat, voice acting, music, and visuals.

Fans of the hardcore action genre will easily find themselves at home with the Nier remaster. Making it also a good starting point for those seeking to venture into the series. However, players who are in it for the lore would do themselves favor by going back to the franchise that started it all—Drakengard. The series of which making for some prelude that gives background to the connecting series’ dire state.

New Addition

With the two successful titles cementing the franchise’s future, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Nier Reincarnation might find itself a winner, too. To those not in-the-know, Reincarnation is a mobile title based on the franchise that’s in development and has imminent release. As a mobile title, the game will feature a gacha mechanics and the franchise’s signature elements, like visuals, music, and theme.

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