‘Night Call’ PS4 game canceled: Dismayed fans

It is heartbreaking news to all the gamers once more. Due to a lack of funds, another PS4 game, Night Call, has been canceled, leaving fans disappointed.

As announced by Monkey Moon and Black Muffin, Night Call, which debuted last year, is no longer dwelling in PS4.

The report came after the cancellation of Upper a couple of weeks ago. At present, Night Call can be played on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices. However, those who wait for it on PS4 are waiting for nothing.

Night Call’s crises

Monkey Moon and Black Muffin reported, “lack of funds” is the main reason for the game’s cancellation on PS4.

The official Twitter account of the game announced that Night Call isn’t doing well on sales on other platforms. Another reason for the case is the game’s porting issues, resulting in the developer’s incapability to afford the PS4 port.

Written on the game’s official Twitter account is the developer’s apology for the dismay they have caused to fans who were waiting for the release of the game on the PlayStation. It said,

“We won’t be able to deliver Night Call on PS4 Given that the game didn’t sell quite well on other platforms plus issues we encountered with our porting partners. Please note that we’re probably as disappointed as you are. But we can’t afford it.”

It’s not a completely bad day for PlayStation fans

As expressed by the game’s developers, they indeed are disappointed too with the game’s cancellation.

Per Comic Book, Night Call is a simulation meets choose-your-own-adventure game. With the skill of getting people to open up, the gamer play as a cab driver in Paris, working a night shift. The game user needs to tap into to catch the serial killer who left the gamer’s character for dead.

Meanwhile, it is not an entirely bad day for PlayStation fans. Despite the cancellation of Night Call on PS4, there are still plenty of games to play on the console. On the PlayStation Store’s new Halloween Sale, there are still 234 games currently on sale.

Image courtesy of PC Gamer/YouTube Screenshot

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