NiiFi unveils an innovative scaling tech built for success

What separates NiiFi from the rest of its DeFi competitions is its advanced and innovative tech called ‘nahmii’.   

Nahmii is a patent-pending technology specifically built to create solutions for complex blockchain problems and enables NiFii to have low-cost and predictable gas/transaction fees, compatibility, and interoperability. 

It also provides more muscle for NiFii to solve critical business problems by providing the right tools that are easy to use, which boosts users’ productivity. 

On top of these, the nahmii tech also makes NiiFi a 100% usable and commercial-grade product that fully utilizes all the benefits of blockchain tech. 

Built to impress

NiiFi and nahmii work hand in hand and stand out by delivering top-notch services. 

The NiiFi platform is designed to seamlessly merge DeFi into various global industries that are starting to use blockchain technology such as gaming and fintech. 

It is also integrated with Automated Market Making exchange to provide smooth exchange transactions on any currencies. This feature also serves as a bridge for fiat users to cross into the cryptocurrency world. 

Team and investors

The successful fusion of NiiFi platform and nahmii technology wouldn’t be possible without its team of dedicated and smart professionals. 

NiiFi’s core group is composed of industry experts, each with an impressive track record in their respective fields, and all working hard to be successful members of the DeFi community.

NiiFi is also composed of big-time investors like Blocksync Ventures, Darma Capital, Labs, Peach Capital, A195, AU21 Capital, and Magnus Capital. 

With an incredible platform, innovative tech, expert team, and strong support from investors, NiiFi is all geared to make an impact on the DeFi industry. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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