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Ninja explains why he took a break from ‘Fortnite’; ‘It was super boring’


Ninja is finally back on Fortnite and he’s enjoying it. Here’s why the Twitch star stayed away from the battle royale game for a few seasons.

There is probably no other player more linked to Fortnite than Ninja. The 29-year-old was formerly a professional Halo player but found immense fame through Fortnite when the game blew up in popularity.

Despite the success he found on the platform, Ninja is not one to shy away from giving the game criticism. In his latest stream, the Twitch star revealed why he took a break from Fortnite.

Fortnite got “super boring”

Ninja has a bit of history falling in and out of love with Fortnite. The streamer, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, admitted that he had been out of the game for months in his latest stream. And the reason for this break is because he just wasn’t having fun anymore.

Because of this, the streaming superstar dedicated much of his time playing Valorant instead.

“I’m just starting to play Fortnite again. I haven’t played in months. Honestly, the game wasn’t fun to me. It was super stale and super boring. I mean, I honestly don’t have anything good to say about Fortnite in the last two seasons,” Ninja says while streaming the game.

Renewed love for the game

The streamer’s discontent for the game wouldn’t last and now, he’s finally starting to enjoy the game once more. Diving back for Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4, Ninja says he’s having fun once again, so much that he has started to play solo once again. According to him, it had been a long time since he last played solo on the battle royale game.

The reason for his return could be attributed to his good friend, SypherPK, who one time asked him if he wanted to play and try out Duos.

Ninja, who made a triumphant return to Twitch after leaving the platform a year ago, even joked about how the return of the Pump Shotgun made the game better. The weapon had been shelved during the last season but is now back in season 4.

“It’s the Pump Shotgun. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s literally the Pump Shotgun being added back. I can’t believe they removed it. Who knows, maybe they removed it so when they added it back, everyone was in love with it, you know what I mean.”

Problems with competitive gameplay

If there is one thing about the game that irks Ninja right now, it has to be the way Fortnite teams up players during tournaments. Griefing is known as a form of trolling wherein some players use the game in unintended ways to annoy or irritate other players. Most do this without regard for the outcome of the game but for the sake of harassment.

Oftentimes, professional players fall prey to griefers especially during tournaments like the Fortnite Champion Series. Unfortunately, stream sniping and griefing are ever-present in these types of games. But Ninja feels this should be prevented in big tournaments such as the FCS.

For Ninja, Epic Games should make a distinction on leagues based on the level of teams. Currently, teams are based on players’ arena ranking. Ninja wants high-level players to be teamed together and not the randomized system the game currently has.

For him, doing this would promote a better chance for a fair fight between pros while reducing the chances of griefing. Ninja believes that having a professional league would let Fortnite ascend to true eSports status.

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