‘Ninja Gaiden Master Collection’ criticized for bad PC port


The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is currently receiving a hefty number of criticisms at the moment, all due to its bad porting to the PC.

So far, the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection released this week, only to reveal what seems to be a subpar port. While fans praise the game itself for being the same great title it was, a lazy, barebones port on the PC is turning fans off.

Ninja Gaiden port lacks basics for PC

The Ninja Gaiden port uses the Sigma versions of all three titles. Many suspected that the game will be a straight port, with no quality of life changes for the platform. Considering how many Japanese devs have such a problem, what transpired now is no surprise.

The port lacks many PC-centric options and even misses many bare minimum requirements for it to be a “PC” game. For starters, the game has no keyboard and mouse support.

The game itself warns players that it “requires a controller in order to play.” The game cannot even be navigated using a keyboard, which means Koei Tecmo did not do their due diligence.

This Ninja Gaiden port is also missing ways to properly change the game’s resolution in-game. Players can only pick between a 720p, 1080p and a 2K resolution option. To even do this simple change, players would need to fiddle with their game’s properties on Steam.

“When the game starts, it determines the resolution that is most appropriate for your environment (either 1920×1080 (1080p) or 3840×2160 (4k)),” notes its Steam page.

“To configure the resolution, open the game’s Properties from your Steam® Library. By entering “720p”, “1080p”, or “4k” in the text field of “LAUNCH OPTIONS”, you can fix the resolution to the corresponding value.”

Fans and pundits criticize lack of work done by Koei Tecmo

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is still a great title. Even then, Koei Tecmo did one of the most-panned port jobs of any publisher. Both fans and pundits alike are praising the game but criticize the work Koei Tecmo did, or lack of it.

“I don’t want to sound like some kind of entitled sh*tty PC gamer here!” notes Luke Plunkett of Kotaku in his article. “But like, there are some bare minimums we should be expecting of ports, history has shown the bar is very low, and this…still somehow doesn’t get anywhere near that.”

Many reviews of the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection also call it barebones, but go out of their way to praise the game. The game is available on Steam for $40 for all three titles.

Featured image courtesy of Koei Tecmo Europe LTD/Youtube Screenshot

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