Ninja to critics who think he’s toxic: ‘you’ve been brainwashed’

Ninja explains why he took a break from Fortnite: 'it was super boring'

Apparently, there are many who disapprove of how Ninja and his friends treat each other, calling the famed gamer’s attitude “toxic.”‘

In the world of gaming, there are only a few names that are big as Richard Tyler Blevins or popularly known as Ninja. The 28-year-old had played a big role in the success of Fortnite and even the streaming platform, Twitch.

In fact, Fortnite even went so far as to pay tribute to Blevins when they released a player skin in his image. 

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that the Fortnite legend is one of the highest-paid streamers today. And with fame, there will be both supporters and critics that would watch his every move.

A Fortnite reunion

Just recently, Ninja got together with his closest gaming buddies DrLupo, CourageJD, and TimTheTatman, for a fun Fortnite match.

The four streamers had been friends for a long time, and a great number of fans often set aside their precious time just to see them play. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, Ninja playing with his friends had become a rare occasion.

They seldom play Fortnite together nowadays, but when they do, fans are sure to flock their streams.

Ninja accused of being toxic

While streaming their match, viewers can’t help but notice the way Ninja and his friends interact with one another. Because the four regularly engage in playful banter and friendly insults, viewers seemed to have misinterpreted this, thus leading them to accuse Ninja of being toxic.

The 28-year-old Mixer star immediately rebuffed the accusations. He tells the viewers that that’s just the way they normally interact with one another.

“Toxic? Homie, me and my entire group of friends make fun of one another,” he explains. “It’s what we do. We yell at each other, we insult each other. That’s how close we are with one another, and we’re the only ones who can do it to one another. Listen man, if your friends don’t like me, I don’t give a sh*t.”

Furthermore, Fortnite legend explains that in a game, 90% of the fun involves complaining, but that doesn’t mean he is a toxic person. He even claims that the viewers have been brainwashed if they think that way about him. According to him, jokes and playful banter is what make games more enjoyable.

“Anyone who thinks I’m toxic, you’ve been brainwashed dude. I’d love to know the person you’re watching,” Ninja says in the stream.

Fans come to Ninja’s defense

Critics of the popular streamer argue that his playful jokes exhibit toxic behavior. However, Ninja fans quickly came to his defense, saying that their banter is nothing but harmless fun.

Image courtesy of Ninja/YouTube

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