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Ninja wants to return to live streaming ‘ASAP’


The gaming community is yet to hear a comeback from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins after the whole Mixer shutdown, which officially commenced last July 22.

There have been quite the online chatter and analysis as to where Shroud and Ninja are streaming next after Microsoft decided to merge with Facebook for their live streaming venture.

Shroud has already returned to streaming back on Twitch. His return was wildly welcomed by his followers, as Micky News previously reported that his comeback stream peaked over 500,000 viewers last August.

Dr Disrespect also experienced the same faith during his comeback on YouTube, after being mysteriously banned from Twitch. Despite being undecided yet as to where to officially seal the deal, he went back to streaming anyways, which was lauded by many of his fans.

When is Ninja going to return?

This leaves Ninja the only famous streamer left not headed for a comeback since the June issues. Although, when confronted by a fan on Twitter, he did say he wants to return “ASAP.”

But what is stopping him from returning?

Per GameRant, “there must be something else” hindering Ninja’s highly-demanded return to the streaming realm. As the streamer’s entails, Blevins wants to come back to streaming but it’s as if he can’t just yet.

Blevins has already streamed once both in Twitch and YouTube, per the gaming publication. But as other analysts would put it, it is as if he was testing the waters on each platform.

Accordingly, the media outlet notes that his test streams may have been demo sessions as part of helping in the negotiations. Ninja did receive a huge deal with Mixer before.

Reports have it, he and Shroud allegedly received buyouts from their contracts after the Mixer-Facebook Gaming merger. Although neither of the streamers confirmed such rumor.

What is he up to now?

According to Essentially Sports, after Ninja’s one-off stream on Twitch, he joined Dr Lupo, and that was it—he hasn’t returned since.

Nevertheless, this did not mean that Ninja quit playing. He has been deep in Fall Guys, Valorant, Fortnite, and Call Of Duty Warzone. He still drops video snippets of his gameplay on his social media account.

Recently, the gaming publication notes that Ninja has even joined the Among Us trend.

Accordingly, it looks like Tyler has his eyes set on the “Hollywood life.” Based on his The Hollywood Reporter interview, the famous streamer is looking into movies, voice acting, and cartoons.

Featured image courtesy of Ninja/Twitter

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