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‘Ninjala’, ‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ launch on Switch today, they’re for free


The Nintendo Switch eShop is getting two free-to-play games today in the form of GungHo Entertainment’s Ninjala and Genius Sonority’s Pokemon Cafe Mix.

Pokemon-Oriented Cafe

Pokemon Cafe Mix was just officially unveiled last week, which coincides with the reveal of New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Smile. As a spin-off into the franchise, Cafe Mix combines management simulation and the presence of cute Pokemon as characters.

In Cafe Mix, players take on puzzles with the goal of serving Pokemon customers their treats while developing patrons among them. Subsequently, players can also get to recruit Pokemon as an aid to the cafe.

The cafe itself is also subject to the game’s interest in that it can be upgraded when players accumulate points through puzzles over time. As the cafe expands, new amenities and venues become accessible to players and customers.

Although the game is free-to-play, it also has micro-transactions for exclusive items that players can avail of using real money.

Cute Multiplayer Brawler

Making for another release to coincide Pokemon Cafe Mix is the highly-anticipated multiplayer brawler by Ninjala.

Casual gamers who had the awareness for Splatoon and its sequel may think of Ninjala as another entry from the same games’ developers. The idea mainly drawing from the similarity between the franchise’s likeness in the art style and overall vibe.

However, Nintendo has nothing to do with the game. Ninjala is a GungHo Entertainment production, both as a developer and a publisher.

In Ninjala, players get to play in a round consisting of eight players overall. Depending on the mode, this could mean either playing with a team of four or against all seven others.

Like most competitive games, the goal of Ninjala is to either make the player emerge victorious as an individual or as a member of a winning. Winning is gauged based on the players’ performance represented by points.

There are a handful of ways that players can earn points in-game. They can either choose to actively combat and defeat enemies, destroy drones, gum shoot, gum break, etc. Literally, much of what you do per round count as points. Consequently, gather more points than the rest or of the opposing team, you or your team wins.

More than just a simple brawler that pits players against players or as teams, Ninjala adds a layer of variety with customizations. This means that each player has the option to configure their avatar as they see fit. Essentially giving them an image that is worthy of player expression and other players’ admiration.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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