‘Ninjala’s’ launch trailer is a parody to 1960’s ‘West Side Story’


With a slated release on Wednesday next week, June 24, GungHo Online has released a launch trailer for its up and coming Switch title, Ninjala, with a presentation that takes inspiration from the 1960’s Broadway musical, West Side Story.

Once launched, the game is going to be playable for free, even without an active Nintendo Switch Online service.

Trip Down Memory Lane

While generations of today will not notice the theme that the trailer adhered to, those born around the ’60s probably would. Being a 1960’s film, West Side Story is many things. But is perhaps most notable for its official trailer depicting the violence of 1950’s New York.

Like the film’s now-classic trailer, Ninjala’s presentation mimics the characters’ actions, including the signature snapping fingers and superfluous dance moves. Although the output is not necessarily a carbon copy of the original in every angle, the reference is ostensive.

The choice to set the motif of the trailer from a 1960’s film is rather weird for a game that is aimed for the modern audience. But it makes for an obvious tribute that may not consider the younger generation in mind. Perhaps, there is a veteran among the team behind Ninjala who happens to be a fan of the musical.

However, if there appears to be a commonality between the game and the 1960’s movie, it’s got to be the theme of violence. Albeit less explicit, as constrained by their respective genres.

A Quirky, Multiplayer Game

Ninjala is an up and coming online multiplayer that players can enjoy either against everyone or with a team.

Playing battle royale mode pits you against all other players in the arena, with the goal of topping the ranking system. The rating is based on everyone’s performance in any given match as decided on accumulated points. As a rule of thumb, the more players you beat, the more items you obtain, the more drones you destroy, etc., the more points you get.

Players who would like to play co-op against a team of opponents can also do so via a team deathmatch. In this mode, a team of four gets to fight against a team of similar size, with the goal of overcoming one another.

Making the game more than just a routine hack and slash is the special move, Ippon, which grants players a devastating attack.

Furthermore, players can also choose to customize their character as well as learn new skills, which gives the game some dynamics.

Do not forget to check out the game when it releases on the Nintendo Switch on June 24, 2020.

Image used courtesy of PlayNinjala/YouTube Screenshot

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