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Nintendo acquires BC video game development company


BC video game development company has shown their interest in Nintendo, and both the companies are in the talks of merging.

A Vancouver based video gaming company have announced their partnership and acquisition. The company is now with Nintendo.

What the video game company has earned

The notification of the acquisition by the company has been all around. Nintendo has said that they have reached an agreement.

It has said that the company has acquired about 100% of the outstanding shares of the Next Level Games and to make it a whole subsidiary company.

The company has worked with other big brand names as well. Nintendo is one of the big brand companies that have recently shown their interest to merge.

Next Level Games have been in the field for two years now. The company had many ups and downs, creating various video games on a variety of platforms.

More recently, it states that the company has worked with Nintendo before. The company has partnered with the other sector for huge software titles.

For the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch System, the companies have worked together. The company had critical titles such as the acclaimed Luigi’s Mansion series of video games.

The acquisition will secure stability

Nintendo has commented that the complete acquisition of the company will stabilize security. With the availability of Next Level Games development resources, there will be some significant development happening.

The merge has been beneficial for both companies. Next Level Games development sees the merge as a ray of hope.

Nintendo is a company that has been out there for a long time, and the partnership will surely bring some good changes.

The whole focus goes onto the development of team communication. The merge can improve the performance of every single employee while working on the keynotes.

The whole focus will now shift to the development of speed and quality of the games produced.

Exchange staff with the Nintendo development team will work together and understand while solving the difficulties together.

The whole acquisition is expected to close by March 1st, 2021. Though final information or any other report has not been out, the two companies set the expected date.

Currently, the Next Level Games shares are held by the management of their own. The company’s directors and employees have ownership of the whole share as the acquisition has still not ended.

Image courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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