Nintendo addresses issue on ‘Animal Crossing’ Amiibo cards

Scalpers are taking advantage of the shortage of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Nintendo makes its move to combat the resellers.

The drastic shortage of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards has finally provoked Nintendo to cater to the unending demands of these items.

This is to address the issue of scalpers selling the cards at high prices to Animal Crossing New Horizons players. The in-demand cards can be used to invite villagers in-game inside their campsites.

If there is anything Nintendo learned of this mishap, it is that players value Animal Crossing Amiibo cards so much that they are willing to pay any price to be able to get them.

Nintendo’s fault

Despite the fact that these are well known best sellers, Nintendo has been ignoring the underproduction of its Amiibo products. This might also be the reason that caused the whole scalper issue.

This approach has become a bad signature move for Nintendo that critics have questioned if its low production of in-demand items is a sign of incompetence.

Players also theorize that Nintendo is doing this because it is planning to setup a really scarce market in which they will still ask for a full price as long as they continue manufacturing them.

On the other hand, the company’s willingness to address the issue will help boost their reputation again. While the restock will not be in an incredible amount, it is still a crucial move in the correct direction.

Amiibo restock

Nintendo recently announced that they are currently working on restocking Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Pre-orders have started and will continue until June 30, 2020. However, pre-order is only available in Japan right now.

The company made a wise decision to produce cards as long as there are orders. This move is made to make sure that there will be enough Amiibo cards for everyone, which will put a stop scalpers and price inflation.

However, players might see possible changes and delays because of the current coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo also warns that pre-orders cannot be canceled once they are made.


Fans can now purchase The Amiibo cards on the Japanese Nintendo Store. Each pack costs ¥330 (5AUD) and will contain at least three random cards.

The restock is expected to arrive in September and will include Animal Crossing Amiibo cards from all of the game’s series titles.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo Enthusiast/Website Screenshot

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