Nintendo aims for copyright claims on videos of Game & Watch hacking

Nintendo has issued copyright claims against the user stackshaming regarding their YouTube content and Game & Watch hacking.

The Nintendo Game & Watch handheld has made a comeback. But some hackers had got their hands onto the device and made an upgrade into the system before the device was even released.

Nintendo is not a massive fan of consumers messing with their hardware

Nintendo is undoubtedly not a huge fan and supporter of their consumers messing up their games’ hardware.

They have already filed for a copyright issue on the Game & Watch Hacking YouTube videos. All the videos on their channel are asked to be taken down by the company.

One Twitter user who goes by the name of stacksmashing was the first to experiment with the hardware.

They have even mentioned on their handles how the device could be crushed open to understanding the configuration of the hardware present.

The tech is elementary for some hackers to get their hands on. There is no expandable memory, and the USB-C has only there for power supply.

One of the main downsides of the hardware is that it cannot connect to the internet.

It did not take long for stacksmashing to find a way through their hardware. One of the main game which was targeted was Super Mario Bros.

Progressing much over the months

Working on the hardware and even the customization, Nintendo has progressed over the months.

Stacksmashing has spoken to Gizmodo, and they have stated the copyright claim filed by Nintendo.

The Game & Watch hacks are something that countless YouTubers have included in their gameplay as well. The fact that the company is targeting only their channel is surprising.

They have even said that there is an NES version of The Legend of Zelda. Before the allegations were made, Nintendo has not reached out to stacksmashing.

In response to the claim which is filed by Nintendo, stacksmashing has edited all their gameplays and videos.

Most of them were taken down by YouTube. They have pleaded with the platform to allow the videos back again.

Several media outlets have reached out to Nintendo, asking them why the copyright claims were made on specifically two videos.

The Japanese game developer has not stated any report regarding the claim and the allegations made towards the channel yet.

Against hacking and mal-usage of their hardware, Nintendo has always been vocal. Hacking the new hardware also does not hinder the sale of the software.


Image courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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