Nintendo Direct could be coming this month, says industry insider

When it comes to showcasing their games and upcoming titles, Nintendo holds Nintendo Direct streams. It’s been a long wait since fans have had a decent full-on stream, but it seems like the wait might be over soon.

Due to the cancellation of E3, Nintendo wasn’t able to hold a Nintendo Direct via the Treehouse event. It recently announced a Treehouse stream, which will focus on Paper Mario: The Origami King, but this isn’t exactly what fans are looking for. Will another stream be coming later this month?

A new Direct coming soon?

Industry insider Kelios says that there could be an upcoming Direct might go live this July 20. By comparison, the last full-on stream from Nintendo was last September 2019, meaning it will almost be a year since we’ve got one. To be fair, though, the developer did hold mini-Directs earlier this year.

The rumored Direct is just after the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King. The upcoming Paper Mario title the last of Nintendo’s major releases for this year, and there’s nothing else major that the company has had line up.

If they were indeed to hold a Nintendo Direct on July 20, that would be an opportunity to showcase what’s next to come for the Nintendo Switch. The company still has a lot of confirmed games without a release date too so one of those games could again be releasing later this year,

What could be announced?

There are a lot of titles Nintendo has down the pipeline. However, if there’s one game that could be launching later this year, it has to be Bravely Default 2The game currently has a demo on the eShop, and we’ve also seen some gameplay footage of it. The development of the game might already be in the latter stages when it was announced.

It seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 this year, but fans are hoping for more details about the game at least. A gameplay trailer could be the perfect thing to keep fans who are eagerly waiting happily for the meantime.

Fans are seriously hoping that a Nintendo Direct launches later this month. It’s been a while since we’ve had a major announcement from Nintendo the such as stream would serve as the perfect outlet for the company to reveal some big news. Other companies have already held their respective streams, and Nintendo might make too.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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