Nintendo Direct could happen on August 28

Nintendo has been pretty quiet about its future releases, and it’s only shown off indie titles during its recent Nintendo Direct. However, a new one could potentially showcase the company’s upcoming first-party titles.

It’s been a long while since Nintendo held a major Nintendo Direct geared towards first-party titles. It’s most recent Direct Mini focused on Indie games for the Switch. The wait of fans may be answered pretty soon as industry insiders suggest that a major stream will happen soon.

Major live stream soon

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has a good reputation for predicting major events. According to the expert, there’s a high possibility of a major live stream happening this August 28. If that is indeed the case, it could mean that Nintendo is working on releasing more titles this year.

“I’ve heard a few things and I think there’s a strong possibility that there is a Nintendo Direct next week, on Friday [the 28th]. That’s the date I’ve heard,” Grubb stated recently.

In terms of the content, fans should proceed with more caution. The recent Direct was overly hyped, but fans were disappointed to see that it was only third-party titles that were highlighted. With regards to content, he says, “I think there’s a lot of science pointing to next week being a general Direct, and there is a general Direct coming up, it seems like for sure.”

What fans want to see

Fans mostly want to see more details about upcoming Switch titles. Most notably, these titles are Bravely Second, Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3.

Of these titles, it’s Bravely Second that has the highest chance of being released within the year. The game was already showcased at a different direct earlier this year, but not even a release frame was given for the game. Hopefully, we get to see it soon.

As for Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, both titles were revealed at E3 a couple of years back. Since then, however, the company and the developers behind the game have yet to release more details about it, which is worrying some fans.

Fans are hoping that a Nintendo Direct featuring first-party titles does happen by the end of this month. While the company’s releases have been great so far, fans are still hoping that Nintendo’s other upcoming titles will get the spotlight soon. That upcoming live stream will be the perfect venue for it.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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