Nintendo files two lawsuits against Switch hackers

Nintendo filed lawsuits against Switch hackers and resellers who sell software that enables the unit to play pirated video games.

Nintendo is going to court in an effort to stop Switch hackers who sell a modified Switch device which allows users to play pirated games on older versions of the console.

In addition, the Japanese gaming giant is using the lawsuits to warn other resellers from taking orders for a future Switch hack that can work on newer consoles.

Hacking successful

The lawsuits were filed in separate Seattle and Ohio courts last Friday. Nintendo’s lawsuits focus on online sellers which sell the console from Switch hackers, Team Xecuter.

The group of hackers manufactures the SX Pro – a USB device which provides users the ability to install a custom operating system on the Nintendo Switch.

When the custom operating system is installed, users can play any game made for the Nintendo Switch without paying anything.

Upgraded hacking system

The SX Pro currently works with almost 20 million copies of the console which were released before June 18th. These consoles were exposed to an unpatchable hack affecting its Nvidia Tegra CPUs.

Since then, Nintendo launched the Switch Lite with updated chipsets to avoid the Switch hackers from penetrating the system.

However, the lawsuit states that Team Xecuter is nearly done in hacking newer Switch consoles. The updated hacking systems called SX Core and SX Lite, can now install SX OS on any Switch console including the ones with updated chipsets.

Demos and trials released

Unlike the first simple USB ports used by Switch hackers, Team Xecuter’s new hacking models need to have the console opened up.

Upon opening the console, hackers will need to solder a small SD card reader directly onto the Switch’s main motherboard to install the exploit.

The Switch hackers first demonstrated the new models last year. After a successful trial, the team of hackers put up a demo again of the SX OS now running on a Switch Lite back in December.

Nintendo’s loss

According to the hackers’ website, they have already sent out updated SX systems to reviewers and testers.

Nintendo’s lawsuits directly aim at the retailers who are offering preorders for the hackers’ new SX system. The lawsuits also state how the hack will affect Nintendo’s business.

Team Xecuter boasts of its controversial prominence in the Switch hackers community. This is because of its focus in gaining profit from identifying the vulnerabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

Featured image courtesy of Danny Wu/Youtube Screenshot

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