Nintendo ‘Gigaleaks’ surfaced including 2401 mystery on ‘Super Mario 64’

Nintendo 'Gigaleaks' surfaced including 2401 mystery on 'Super Mario 64'

Nintendo fans have uncovered a lot of hidden mysteries behind their gaming consoles. The leaks include old source code from StarFox 2 as well as the existence of Luigi in Super Mario 64.

If the recent news about the Smash Melee getting an improved multiplayer experience wasn’t enough to spark interest among the Nintendo community, wait till you hear about these massive leaks that appeared this month.

The Nintendo community has lost their heads this week as major leaks have emerged. The leaks which appeared in 4chan have now taken over Twitter, and most of the users are amazed by what they’ve found.

The leaks also went as far as ResetEra thread initiated by forum user Lady Bow. As of this writing, the thread has gathered over 2,000 comments and counting.

StarFox 2 developer reacts on the leak

Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, a video game who worked Argonaut software back in 1988 and was responsible for the development of StarFox 2, was surprised that his work of over 30 years had been leaked to the public.

Exploring the thread, we also see one user explored the game’s source files finding some “disturbance with Pete’s code” along the way.

However, Cuthbert reiterated that no hatred or drama was going on with Pete, and the findings by these users were taken out of context. As for Q-Games, they are still active in the gaming scene as they have recently released Scrappers for the Apple Arcade.

“L is Real 2401” mystery has been cracked

The leak that got Nintendo fans crazy this week was the revelation of Luigi in a 1996 Nintendo 64 game called Super Mario 64.

What made this fable interesting is that the hackers leaked Luigi 24 years and 1 month after the game’s release as YouTuber SwankyBox would describe it.

The “L is Real 2401” was also sparking interest with the other Super Mario 64 players who were also curious about the video game easter egg.

Here’s one popular tweet that summarized the efforts of modders in resurrecting Luigi in this over a two-decade-old game.

Luckily, another YouTuber was able to put together the leaked Luigi perfectly and gave its viewers a peek of what he looks like in-game.

In a 1996 interview, game producer Shigeru Miyamoto said that Luigi was supposed to be part of the Super Mario 64 but the team decided to take him out due to “memory issues.”

More leaks that the internet uncovered

Another video on YouTube has appeared showing a leak of a Super Castlevania 4 prototype found by Recently, Konami also announced the pullout of their Castlevania mobile game, but this leak may bring some nostalgia to the fans out there.

In addition, the leaks also revealed a discontinued Pokemon MMO for the Gameboy Advance. Dr. Lava on Twitter verified the recent Gigaleak to the same 2018 hack of the Nintendo servers mentioned on his website.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Mario Kart were also included in the massive leaks, and the mania continues until Nintendo finds a way to take them down.

Featured image courtesy of Super Mario 64 (SwankyBox)/YouTube Screenshot

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