Nintendo is asking devs for ‘4K-ready’ games, reports say


Nintendo will likely have 4K content on its next-Switch iteration. Reports note that the company is advising its devs to make their titles “4K-ready.”

In a report, details about Nintendo’s current production schedule are out. Amid all the numbers, third-party game devs detail a surprising fact. Nintendo asked them to make their games 4K-ready to prepare for beefier hardware, likely an upgraded Switch model.

Nintendo’s hardware always lagged behind

Nintendo’s hardware lineup has a history of lagging behind the curve. While the Japanese gaming company likes to innovate with new ways to play, specs are hardly a concern. Their past and current consoles are a testament to that.

For starters, the N64 was never a powerful console, relying on low-spec cartridge technology. While their games were awesome, their hardware had low specifications. Nintendo’s curve followed the same trajectory with the 3DS, Wii, and the Switch.

The Switch on portable mode can only muster 720p for a mere 4.5 to 9 hours on the updated version. While the game can run up to 1080p docked, not many quality games can reach the threshold.

Now, Nintendo’s hardware is looking to reach the industry standard 4K for the next generation. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are looking to get 4K60 as an absolute minimum. Their RDNA technology can run 4K60 with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

The next hardware line for the Switch reaching 4K means Nintendo is closing the gap. Fans are not expecting the Switch to run 4K on portable, but the docked mode at 4K would be fantastic.

Higher demand, new titles warrant better Switch hardware

Not much information is available for the upcoming Nintendo 4K resolution. Even then, it’s easy to extract from what the industry knows so far.

Everyone knows that the Japanese company is not in any hurry to produce new hardware. Nintendo’s fiscal year up to March 2021 expects high demand for the Switch. Titles are coming out left and right for the company, and people love them.

Nintendo’s expectations of shipping 30 million units until the end of the fiscal year will likely shatter. Animal Crossing: New Horizons pushed people to buy themselves a Switch. The upcoming 3D All-Stars cash grab is also another lousy reason.

A new Legend of Zelda is also on the horizon, which is excellent news. A 4K Breath of the Wild prequel is something that people would love for sure.

Nintendo going 4K is good news for everyone who loves their hardware. Even then, the Japanese company will likely be in no rush. They’re upping production 20% to meet the staggering demand for their console.

Images courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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