Nintendo is looking to boost its Switch production output by 10%

Nintendo is looking to boost its Switch production output by 10%

Nintendo looks to raise the output of the Switch video game device this year with the increased demand from the homebound consumers.

2020 has not been a very good year thus far, what with the looming threat of WW3 opening up this new decade and a global pandemic crippling much of the international economy happening soon thereafter. With the coronavirus still in full bloom, a lot of people are gradually coming to terms with the gravity of our situation worldwide – staying mostly within the confines of our homes, unable to socialize in person with our peers, and with limited supplies on hand.

However, from the ashes of this epidemic, an industry sees an incredible rise in popularity and importance. With so many people suffering in the boredom of their homes, many turn to video games for comfort – leading publisher Nintendo sees this moment as most opportune. According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, the legendary Japanese company is looking to boost their Switch production output by as much as 10 percent, most likely as an answer to the growing number of gamers looking for escapism in these troubling times.

Ramped-up production for the next quarter

Nintendo has produced around 20 million units of the Switch last year, and we can likely expect that number to grow by quite a bit as the company asked its multiple suppliers and contractors to prepare for a ramped-up production for the quarter of April to June. It’s worth noting that despite those numbers, there is a significant Switch unit shortage; Japan itself, Nintendo’s home base, underwent this due to a problem in the supply chain.

According to the same report, gaming around the globe has been seeing a major boost thanks to quarantines in different countries. The U.S. itself saw a 45 percent rise in those numbers, according to Nielsen tracking. In recent weeks, Nintendo and its Switch console received another massive boost thanks to the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a title that is exclusive to the platform and has already sold three million copies in Japan alone.

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The shortage continues

While we may begin to see a different trend once production ramps up, the situation for the Switch continues to be dire thanks to parts deficiencies hailing back as early as February. This, in turn, has caused the console to climb exponentially in terms of the retail price, with the lowest on offer nearly double that of the suggested.

Only time will tell if the additional increase in production will be enough to stem the tide, as gamers worldwide continue to grow in numbers with the coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of abating for a while.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo.

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