Nintendo issues patch against hacked trees in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Hacked trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In light of the recent controversy which has Nintendo removing uploaded islands via the dream suite, the company is employing a tactic that would address the issue for good—a patch.

Under version 1.4.1, the update, if installed, will see the game no longer displaying illicit assets in-game. The assets primarily pointing to hacked trees that bear unusual stuff, such as a star fragment, instead of fruit.

At a closer inspection, it appears that the hacked trees are money trees that went through alteration. Although the illicit item in question does no harm in-game, the act of modifying asset is an infringement of Nintendo’s established policies.

A Potent Fix

When in effect, players will no longer be seeing unusual trees in anyone’s island. This is because such elements will automatically revert to their original, unadulterated state.

As per the update’s changelog, the game:

Fixed an issue where trees could mature and contain things other than the normal fruit, etc.

Essentially, it’s clearing the game off of what some players would see as a manifestation of the blatant disregard to widely-accepted rules. Subsequently, they being active participants in the reporting process that were an impetus to Nintendo ridding the server of islands with tampered contents.

Sad Day for Modders

Of course, not everybody was happy with the company’s move, even though aware of the illegalities involved. To those who themselves employ the hack sees it merely as an added décor and does nothing to cause harm to the game. Many of which preferring it over original assets for their unique display and appeal.

Some are even voicing out their sentiment in protest to the initiative that they see as tyrannical. But most of the concern comes from those who were directly hit by the repercussions, citing the issue of being unable to showcase their island. A special concern to those individuals who are into the game to display their creative flair to their peers.

Pros versus Cons

Those who would like to stick to their guns might see the imposed change diverted by not opting for the update. However, it is worth considering the ups and downs that come with playing a dated version of the game.

Does having a star fragment-bearing or whatever stuff tree worth keeping the game outdated? Does the illicit aesthetics weigh more than the new features that the game is having or going to have?

Those are but just a few considerations to ponder about when thinking to offset the effect of the fix.

Image used courtesy of BLAINES/YouTube Screenshot

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