Nintendo reveals ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ summer update, swimming and diving coming soon

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a major Animal Crossing New Horizons update, and Nintendo’s going to fill the gap soon. Nintendo recently revealed the trailer for a new free update coming this July.

Animal Crossing New Horizons fans should rejoice as the free summer update is coming on July 3. This is the first wave of the summer updates for the game, and the next one is going to launch in August. Here’s everything that’s new in the first summer update.

Swimming and diving

The biggest addition in the update is swimming and diving. It’s going to be a big addition to the game. It was a part of Animal Crossing New Leaf, so fans were looking for it in the new game. Now that it’s back, it’s coming with a few improvements.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Free Summer Update – Wave 1 ...

Swimming pretty much remains the same in the Switch title, but the diving mechanic will be a lot different. Now, when players dive, the view will switch to a top-down perspective, and players can view what’s underwater. There will be some new sea creatures to collect underwater.

Some of the creatures revealed in the trailer include sea anemone and clams. These can be donated to Blather’s museum, so players have more things to do in the game.

These features were a part of the datamined codes for the game, so it’s likely that the other details from the datamine are going to be added in the future as well.

New encounters

Once the new Animal Crossing New Horizons summer updates arrive, players will meet some new faces. First is Pascal, who’s going to be swimming in the water like the players.  Pascal will reward players with a new DIY kit for furniture that’s mermaid themed.

The other new encounter is Gulliver. Technically, it’s not a new encounter, but instead of being in a sailor suit, Gulliver is going to be in a pirate costume. It’s likely that these means he’s going to be giving us some new items when players wake him up.

This upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons update is going to be exciting for the player base. What’s even more exciting is that this is just a small slice of what’s to come. Since the next update is already scheduled for August, we might see the next trailer for it by the end of July.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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