Nintendo reveals ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ coming June 25


Nintendo released a brand new trailer about an upcoming Mario spin-off, this time titled Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be the next Mario sports title. This time, the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom will tee up against each other. The new trailer showed off the full roster for the game, which will be quite massive.

Nintendo drops five-minute Super Rush trailer

In the recently released footage, Nintendo showed off a full five minutes of Super Rush. In it, courses with themes from Mushroom Kingdom show off. In it, Mario and friends play competitive golf known as Battle Golf.

Much like its name, Battle Golf will have players teeing off with traditional golf rules, but with a twist. With that said, the game’s roster will have most characters we love.

Mainstays like Mario, Luigi, and Wario made the cut to play in the green, together with Yoshi. Even then, it’s never the mainstays who are interesting, but rather the other characters within the roster.

Waluigi is present in the game, which appeases fans of the character. There are also some weirder players in the game, which includes Chargin’ Chuck. There’s even Super Mario Odyssey’s Pauline, together with Bowser Jr., Rosalina, and Bob-omb.

New Mario Golf comes out 20 years after first mainline title

Mario Golf: Super Rush has not only showed off its roster of players. It also showed off some maps, including some brand new golf courses that fans can play. They’re not stale old golf courses either, but rather new fun maps with Mario backdrops.

There are a couple of courses in-game that are based on Bowser’s Castle and even Dry, Dry Desert. The game is pretty much like Mario Kart without the vehicles or Mario Party without the board game.

Another mode, Speed Golf, is also revealed in-game. Battle Golf was also full of chaos for those who are looking to do more in the game. The title is the first Mario golf game that came out since 2003’s Toadstool Tour.

The game’s return means a few things for most of the Mario properties that came out long ago. For starters, it’s evidence that Nintendo is willing to pull back almost 20-year-old titles from dormancy. This also gives players hope for older titles like Super Mario RPG.

Games like Pokemon Snap also received a brand new revival, which means Nintendo will go through lengths to revive these IPs. Mario Golf: Super Rush will come out on June 25 and is available for pre-order on the Switch e-Shop at the moment.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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