Nintendo surprises everyone with a free new game on Switch

Nintendo launched a free new game on the Switch eShop. The game lets players exercise by using the Joy-Cons as jumping ropes.

Nintendo is enjoying the success of the Switch because of its portability as well as its amazing lineup of games. The Nintendo Switch has become a worldwide phenomenon with the peculiar help of the global pandemic.

The Switch’s success

Many players have resorted to the Switch to keep themselves busy and entertained amidst the lockdowns and quarantines. Now, Nintendo is providing a free game for everyone, which will also help them exercise while they are stuck at home.

There have been several free games that are being offered by various gaming companies during this global pandemic. However, most gamers were surprised that Nintendo released a new game for free without any prior marketing.

New free game

The free game is called Jump Rope Challenge, which can be played using two Joy-Con controllers. Just as the title suggests, players will simply have to do jump ropes with the game.

The game was developed by a small Nintendo team who was working from home because of the lockdown. The game is programmed to do a hundred jump ropes per day and will show a player’s stats so they can see their improvements from day today.

Keeping everyone healthy

The game can be downloaded on the Nintendo Switch eShop for a limited time only. The promo is set to end in September, so players must download the game now while it is still free.

The game features cute bunny avatars and mediocre aesthetics as expected in a free game. While there are a lot of better free games launched as part of a Play at Home Initiative by rival consoles, most players will welcome all kinds of games since they are still stuck at home.

It will be intriguing to watch players get healthier from the game or if it will just be another way to spend the lazy afternoon. Nonetheless, Jump Rope Challenge will be a nice addition to the Nintendo Switch’s growing library of games.

Nintendo’s growing popularity

With games like Animal Crossing, Nintendo is helping people socialize even if they are stuck inside their homes. As a result, the Switch is becoming an even more popular console choice during these trying times.

Jump Rope Challenge will be another great way of keeping Nintendo fans entertained. Players can only hope that the Japanese gaming giant will consistently provide new content on the Switch for everyone who is experiencing the effects of the corona-virus pandemic.

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