Nintendo suspends June major events while ‘Mario’ anniversary is put off

Nintendo, June events cancelled activities due to work-from-home snag

Nintendo canceled all of its June events due to the snag as a result of the work from home employee schedules.

Nintendo reportedly announced that it is canceling all of its lined up activities for the coming month. The game maker will not hold its annual June event.

No June event for Nintendo

In a reported statement released to its partner developers, Nintendo stated that there will be no Nintendo Direct video event next month. This is because of the work-from-home employee scheduling that largely affected the company’s output.

Nintendo was referring to its June Direct video with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The team together with partner developers contributed to the June event annually since 2013.

Prior to that, Nintendo held an annual mid-year stage presentation. Followers will not see that said show as well. Nintendo followers will have to wait for further announcements when the canceled events will resume.

Nintendo's Luigi and Mario

Aside from the June Direct with the E3, the work-from-home employee scheduling will also affect the Mario franchise’s 35th anniversary.

As part of the celebration, Nintendo originally planned to unveil treats for the loyal Mario games lovers. The game player planned to unveil the treat in the form of the classic 3D Mario games on Switch.

Nintendo on Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 is an annual 3-day event held in Los Angeles for computer and video game companies, industry analysts, and gamers. Participants come from different parts of the globe.

E3 showcases new products and discoveries. It covers video games to other related merchandise. In March, The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced that it decided to cancel E3. The association said that the decision was a product of their consultation with their member companies.

In a statement, the ESA representative said that the move was for the safety of their fans, employees, exhibitors, and longtime E3 partners. However, some of their E3 partners decided to push through with their game launches online.

Nintendo supporters expected that the company will take the step as other companies did. They hoped that the game maker will push through with the June Direct.

However, today’s report marked the end to all speculations. Nintendo’s production badly hit by the work from home schedule made it impossible for the June Direct to push through even online.

More game events canceled

Nintendo June event on E3 is just one among the list major events canceled this year due to the work from home schedule to mitigate the COVID 19 pandemic. Earlier in March, League of Legends’ international event and the Mid-Season Invitational announced their event cancellations as well.

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